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Modern bathroom furniture

06 of December '23


Gante is a brand of modern bathroom furniture that was created by Grekon. We have been operating with great success in the market since 2006 and are a leader in the bathroom furniture industry. Our passion is furniture that will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Grekon is primarily engaged in the production of washbasin cabinets, shelving units and hanging cabinets, although our wide sales offer also includes washbasins, rack builders, washbasin faucets and various bathroom accessories that are designed to make the bathroom nicer and more comfortable to use.




The bathroom is undoubtedly the most important part in any home. This is where we start and end our day, so it is important to feel extremely comfortable in your bathroom and be able to relax. As a manufacturer of bathroom furniture, we realize that furniture must, above all, be functional and at the same time modern and designer, so we put a lot of effort and heart into making sure that our customer is satisfied with the products purchased. We create with passion, and our main goal is first of all a returning and satisfied customer.




Gante brand with many years of experience

Modern machinery dedicated exclusively to the production of bathroom furniture allows us to process all materials accurately and aesthetically, and many years of experience in this industry will ensure that the designs we prepare will meet the tastes of every user. During production, we use materials that are supplied by verified and reliable partners from Poland and the EU, so we are sure that our furniture will perform well at elevated temperatures and humidity.

KOLEKCJA VENUS dąb naturalny / orzech

VENUS COLLECTION natural oak / walnut


The first steps of furniture production begin in our design office - it is here that the idea and design of a given series is created, and already at the initial stage the project is thoroughly checked and analyzed. On the basis of the created project, we begin the production of a given model, which already on the production line undergoes detailed quality control and, if necessary, corrections are made on an ongoing basis to increase functionality and aesthetics. To meet the needs of all investors, many collections are produced in several color versions, keeping in mind how important it is, above all, high quality and comfort of use of a given model.




Modern furniture manufacturing technology

The bathroom furniture we produce is supported by pioneering technologies. We have mastered the technique of covering the MDF board with high-quality furniture foil, which allows unlimited printing in very high quality and gives the furniture a high-gloss or matte surface. Gante furniture is made of MDF, as it is a popular alternative to furniture made of wood or particleboard, and shows durability and affordability. The use of MDF boards makes it possible to produce furniture in a variety of colors, patterns and resistant to mechanical damage, changing temperatures and prolonged influence of moisture, which often occurs in bathroom rooms. In the sets we use washbasins made of ceramic or conglomerate, thus giving the opportunity to match a particular model to the style in which the interior is maintained.




We rely on modern technologies, which is why our furniture, depending on the model, is equipped with Axis Pro slides, whose advantages include comfort, quiet closing and resistance to considerable loads, or GTV hydraulic hinges with quiet and smooth self-closing function. We listen to the needs of our customers, observe the latest trends and find the right solutions, so that Gante bathroom furniture has the highest durability parameters, high standard of products and will fit into almost any bathroom regardless of style.

KOLEKCJA NEW YORK dąb naturalny



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