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Elegance and Innovation in the Medina and TORNARES Collection from Tau Ceramica.

06 of December '23

Ceramics, as a building material, has a long history and tradition, but TAU CERAMICA brings a new dimension to this heritage through two unique collections: Medina and TORNARES. These novelties represent an innovative approach to design, bringing ceramics back to its original essence and combining it with modern technologies.

Tornares Zumaia Black 60x120 cm

Tornares Zumaia Black 60x120 cm


Medina Collection: Reflecting History in Every Detail

The Medina collection is a true journey through time to medieval cities, inspired by the rich architectural tradition of past centuries. The stone that is Medina brings with it the charm and beauty of historic eras. Its fine grains and shades create a cohesive design that encapsulates the essence of centuries of history in a single product.

Gobi Greige 16,3x51,7 cm + Zumaia Greige 60x120 cm

Gobi Greige 16.3x51.7 cm + Zumaia Greige 60x120 cm


However, it is the innovative polysoft finish that gives the Medina collection its unique character. Reminiscent of pitted polishes, each tile exudes elegance while harking back to traditional patterns. Speckles and flashes of light add a unique charm to the collection, giving it a full personality and strength. A chromatic palette ranging from deep graphite to pure white allows the creation of spaces from minimalist to elegant, perfectly reflecting the strength of historic architecture and timeless beauty that will last for generations.

Tornares GREDOS WHITE 16,3x51,7 cm

Tornares GREDOS WHITE 16.3x51.7 cm


TORNARES Collection: Back to the Roots of Ceramics

The TORNARES collection, designed by ERRE Arquitectura, is the result of a desire to return to the original roots of ceramics. Inspired by nature and clay in its purest state, this collection combines tradition with modernity to create elegant and innovative products.

Tornares Gobi Graphite 16,3x51,7 cm

Tornares Gobi Graphite 16.3x51.7 cm


Rawness and naturalness of materials are key to TORNARES. The textures, colors and geometries present in the series offer the user versatile possibilities and combinations to create evocative spaces. From traditional forms to modern arrangements, the collection brings ceramics back to its most essential state and develops its aesthetic possibilities. The collection consists of smooth porcelain stoneware tiles and reflief porcelain tiles in geometric shapes, in 60x120 and 16.3x51.7 cm formats.

TAU CERAMICA's new products, whether the Medina collection with its unique polysoft finish or the TORNARES collection inspired by nature, are a combination of tradition and innovation. They offer not only high quality and durability, but also a unique design that emphasizes the beauty of ceramics as a building material.

Przekroje poprzeczne modeli TORNARES

Cross sections of TORNARES models


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