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Innovations from Realonda Ceramic Tile Factory.

06 of December '23

Discover New Dimensions and Designs

Realonda ceramic tile factory, a forerunner in modern design, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovations. The manufacturer's novelties are not just products, they are a true journey through modernity, tradition and natural beauty. The new 15x45 tile format and its unique collections bring freshness and modernity to interior spaces. In addition, the brand presents new designs in 33x33 and 45x45 formats, as well as an exclusive stone collection called Stones.

REALONDA Gaia Cotto Zilij

REALONDA Gaia Cotto Zilij


1. 15x45 format

Realonda's latest ceramic tile format is a 15x45 tile that revolutionizes the way we view interior design. The Zilij and Gaia collections are the quintessence of elegance and functionality. The long, slender format of the tiles allows the creation of innovative patterns on walls as well as floors, while emphasizing the space and introducing a modern style to it.

REALONDA Barcelona White

REALONDA Barcelona White


2. modern Designs in 33x33 and 45x45 formats.

Realonda doesn't forget about lovers of traditional dimensions either. The Norfolk, Barcelona and Havana collections are the quintessence of modernity in 33x33 and 45x45 formats. Each of these collections is inspired by the unique character of a place, making these tiles not only a finishing touch, but also a story of history and culture.
- Norfolk: A collection evocative of nature and the rugged beauty of northern landscapes, offering calm, neutral tones ideal for creating a minimalist interior.
- Barcelona: Inspired by the energetic life of the city, the Barcelona collection brings with it colorful, exciting patterns that add life to any room.
- Havana: Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a Cuban paradise with the Havana collection, which combines tropical motifs with elegance.

REALONDA Norfolk Black

REALONDA Norfolk Black


3 New Stone Types

Realonda is also raising the bar with its stone collections. The Stones collection is a tribute to nature, combining modern designs with the unique texture of stone. These tiles give a space a unique, organic feel, while maintaining the ease of maintenance and durability characteristic of ceramics.

REALONDA Stones White + Fez Blue

REALONDA Stones White + Fez Blue


For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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