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Valvex - discover the innovative ARS faucet series

06 of December '23

Discover the innovative ARS series of faucets

What are you guided by when choosing sanitary fittings for your home...? Innovative design based on global trends? Functionality and durability of the product for years? Or perhaps economy while respecting the environment?
If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, the ARS series of faucets will become the showpiece of your home!

Tradition obliges

VALVEX is a domestic manufacturer of sanitary and plumbing fixtures. Polish technological thought, more than 100 years of heritage and the highest quality components are the factors thanks to which the products of the company from the Malopolska region of Jordanów have been the epitome of quality and innovation for years. The sanitary offer of the brand is characterized by diversity, the bond of which is modern design, unique colors, pro-ecological solutions and above-average functionality. However, the company's management assumes that "he who does not go forward, goes backward", so they constantly invest resources in new technologies, production machinery and product range development. The result of these activities are the premieres of new products. One of them is precisely the ARS series, launched in mid-April 2023.
What is worth knowing about it...?

Bateria umywalkowa wysoka ARS Chrome

ARS Chrome high basin mixer


Style, elegance, beautiful colors

ARS includes basin faucets - standing and concealed, as well as wall-mounted faucets - bathtub and shower. It also includes concealed shower sets and three-function shower columns. The versatility of the series and its complementary nature are emphasized by the variants of finishes. Each product is available in four color versions. Classic Chrome and Black are complemented by Satin Copper and Brushed Gold colors, i.e. copper and gold shades, respectively. The latter two are achieved using PVD technology, a modern method used to deposit a coating to protect, modify or refine the original surface. In doing so, PVD ensures a very high surface hardness, with resistance to abrasion and discoloration.

Bateria umywalkowa ARS Satin Copper

ARS Satin Copper washbasin faucet


Basin faucets - you won't use more water than you need!

ARS basin faucets are a combination of functional features and modern design. The body is made of the highest quality brass. The heart of the faucet is a ceramic mixing head, thanks to which you can quickly and smoothly set the strength of the stream and the desired water temperature. The high quality of the mixer promotes trouble-free operation of the faucet. Designed with the environment in mind, the aerator with SAVE MONEY System, with a Z flow class, ensures water consumption in basin faucets at <9 l/min. Thanks to it, you care not only about the environment, but also about the state of your wallet. Speaking of functionality, we should mention the EASY FIX System. Thanks to it, the installation of faucets becomes extremely easy - also for people without technical skills. You do not need to be a specialist to do it quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Zestaw natryskowy podtynkowy ARS Brushed Gold

ARS Brushed Gold concealed shower set


Shower columns, or three functionalities in one set

An important link in the ARS series are the three-function shower columns. Their components - and functions - are a rain shower, a shower handle and a spout. The various functions of the column are activated by pressing one of three subtle square buttons, located in the body. The SLIM type steel rainshower has a square shape with a length of 25 cm and a thickness of 2.5 mm. It is extremely elegant and subtle, and thanks to the EASY CLEAN System - a solution that facilitates the removal of lime scale from the rain shower nozzle - it is also easy to clean.

Trójfunkcyjna kolumna natryskowa ARS Satin Copper

ARS Satin Copper triple-function shower column


The second element of the column is the shower handle, which also features the EASY CLEAN solution. Its main functionality is the MAGIC CLICK System. It allows you to set three types of streams, differing in intensity and angle of water fall. All you have to do is click on the button located on the body and ...relax, enjoying your private home spa! What's more, the shower handle is connected to a 1.5-meter hose equipped with the ANTI TWIST System, which prevents it from twisting during use. An important element of the shower handle is also a sliding handle. Regardless of your height, it will allow you to freely adjust the height of the handset. The last mentioned element of the column is the spout, subtly hidden in the body. If your shower connects to the bathtub or you simply need to quickly scoop water into a bottle or dish, the spout is an indispensable feature. It is worth mentioning that the movable disc of the aerator allows you to change the direction of the stream, which further emphasizes the functionality of the solution.

Bateria umywalkowa podtynkowa ARS Black oraz trójfunkcyjna kolumna natryskowa ARS Black

ARS Black concealed washbasin faucet and ARS Black triple-function shower column.


Concealed shower sets - the ideal solution for lovers of extra space

The minimalist, dual-function concealed shower set is the optimal alternative to a shower column. If you prefer an unobtrusive installation in the wall and appreciate extra space in the shower room - this will be the perfect solution for you. Changing the function from a rain shower to a shower handset is done with a ceramic switch. All you have to do is turn it 90 degrees and the water will start pouring from the sprinkler or handset - you decide which solution suits you better. In addition, an integral solution of the shower hose is the ANTI TWIST System, and the shower handset - the MAGIC CLICK System. Their advantages you already know - undoubtedly, they are an important element affecting the functionality of the entire solution.

Trójfunkcyjna kolumna natryskowa ARS Satin Copper

Triple-function shower column ARS Satin Copper


Experience and openness to new trends key to success

It is no exaggeration to say that the ARS series is the epitome of beauty in sanitary fittings and proven functional solutions, based on Polish technological thought. Many years of experience combined with openness to the latest solutions in the industry allowed the Polish percentage to introduce a series that will be appreciated by both lovers of classics and innovative solutions.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdA portal.

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