Relax with the V series

Anew collection of faucets from sanitary fittings manufacturer Valvex, the V series is a real rarity for both lovers of modern interiors and lovers of tradition. It consists of a set of four products in two color versions: chrome and black matte. The versatility of V is its strength - it will find its place in any bathroom becoming its main element or a tasteful complement - it all depends on our imagination.

One of the most important and intimate rooms in our homes is the bathroom. In the current times - called instant culture, and at the same time full of uncertainty, it has taken on special importance, because it is where we start and end the day. So-called wellbeing, or taking care of both body and spirit, is no longer just a moment for oneself, but is becoming a preventive measure and a way to keep the body in good shape.

Nowa kolekcja dostępna jest w wersji chrome oraz black mat

The new collection is available in chrome and black matte

© Valvex

Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious bath room, it is worth taking care of the harmonious design of the room - the evening bath will immediately become a relaxing ritual, and the morning shower will fill us with energy for the coming hours.

How many people, so many admirers of bathroom decor. Some opt for the classics, i.e. faucets with two knobs, others prefer modernity in the form of fashionable thermostatic faucets. Once treated as a piece of equipment, they are now becoming a decorative element, or even a kind of jewelry and a major attention-getter in the bathroom.

Valvex is pleased to present a novelty in its offer - the V series. It consists of two types of sink faucets: high and low, as well as a shower and bath faucet. The V series is available in two versions: chrome and black matte.

Baterie z serii
V świetnie komponują się z zestawem natryskowym Loft oraz Dione

The V series faucets go well with the Loft and Dione shower sets.

© Valvex

The chrome series - versatile and at the same time having a coating in a traditional shade, will fit into any style bathroom. It is a proposal for those who appreciate complexity and freshness. Washbasin faucets in high and low versions will give a chic touch to both countertop and inset washbasins, while the bathtub and shower faucets are designed to blend in with the shower sets offered by the manufacturer, such as the Loft or Dione set.

Baterie wyposażone
są w system EASY FIX ułatwiające montaż

The faucets are equipped with the EASY FIX system for easy installation.

© Valvex

TheV series in black tempts with mystery. The special matte coating is not only intriguing in its appearance, but also resistant to corrosion and many mechanical and heat-related damages. V faucets in black definitely draw attention to themselves. They come out interestingly against the background of white and colored washbasins, becoming an original, contrasting element that gives character to the room.

Valvex cares not only about the unique appearance of the faucets, but also about the solid performance of its products and the highest quality elements and components. Durable CITEC head guarantees convenience, reliability and smooth regulation of temperature and strength of water flow. The innovative Neoperl aerator limits the water flow to 8.3 l/min, so it not only guarantees a lower bill, but is also environmentally friendly. The EASY FIX easy installation system means that even those who are not skilled in renovation work will easily install it. It is worth mentioning the practical switch with a built-in lock, which makes the use of the faucet during a home spa extremely convenient and efficient. The interlock ensures that water pours from the shower handset even at low pressure - it is not switched to the spout, as happens with switches without an interlock.

TheV series is aimed at everyone - both the traditionalist and the fan of modern interiors. They will perfectly fit into any bathroom giving it a breath of freshness, and the use of modern technologies will make the use of faucets more convenient and pleasant than before.

For more information, visit the company's VALVEX SA page on thePdD portal.