Combining style with functionality... Discover an unconventional collection of sanitary faucets for your home

What are you guided by when choosing sanitary fittings for your home...? Innovative design based on global trends? Functionality and durability of the product for years? Or perhaps economy while respecting the environment?

If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, and in addition you support domestic production and value companies for which 100 years of heritage is an integral part of their identity, sanitary fittings from Valvex are what you are looking for!

Key solutions

SOHO, ESTO and CADIA are innovative bathroom faucet series for your home. The unifying bond between them is the manufacture from the highest quality European brass. The thickness of the material, the mechanical strength, and finally the Polish manufacturer's 25-year warranty on the tightness of the faucet body are the best proof of this.

Valvex is known for its focus on environmentally friendly solutions, hence the SAVE MONEY system was implemented in each of the basin faucets, with a water flow class Z. It allows water consumption of less than 9 liters / minute. Thus, by reducing water consumption, you will save on your bills, while contributing to environmental protection.

Another key solution is the insertion of a ceramic mixing head. It guarantees smooth regulation of the stream and temperature of the water. The gently falling, aerated stream will soothe your skin, providing you with a feeling of relaxation - a sensation priceless after a hard day's work.

Integral to this is the diverse nature of all three series. A key item is the single-lever faucets in both high and low options - with both countertop and overhead mounting options. Their sets include 45 cm supply hoses and, in the case of the lower faucet, automatic Click-Clack plugs. There are also sink faucets in the flush-mount version, bathtub faucets for wall mounting and shower faucets in both of the aforementioned mounting versions. In the case of the SOHO and ESTO lines, the collection is complemented by 2-function bathtub-shower faucets and 3-function faucets with a ceramic switch - both adapted for concealed installation.

All faucets in the above series are available in Chrome, additionally complemented by Black (SOHO and ESTO) and Bronze (CADIA). Taking all color options into account, that's a total of as many as 40 top-quality sanitary faucets!

So much for the common features. And what are the differences between the various faucets and what determines their individual character...?

SOHO, or eclectic metropolitan style

When you hear "SOHO", you probably look for associations with New York and its flagship district - Manhattan. And just as the aforementioned SoHo is famous for its elegance and unconventional architecture, the design of faucets inspired by its atmosphere boldly refers to the glamour style, by the way being part of the collection of this name. So here we are dealing with geometric design, whose integral elements include a slender body, subtle lever and ubiquitous curves - all "wrapped" in tasteful black or classic chrome.

In terms of functionality, a complementary element of washbasin models is the use of the EASY FIX system. Thanks to it, the installation of faucets is possible for almost anyone - including those without manual skills.

SOHO, czyli eklektyczny styl metropolii

SOHO, or eclectic style of the metropolis

© Valvex

ESTO, or a combination of strength and delicacy

The ESTO series of faucets is characterized by a slender lever and a strong body with a cylindrical shape, further accentuated by a round ring. They are equipped with the SLOT COIN function, allowing you to clean or replace the aerator, from which the water flow comes out. You do not need specialized tools to unscrew it - the name itself indicates that all you need for this... is a coin. Safe, efficient, intuitive - you don't need to be a specialist to feel like a plumber!

ESTO, czyli połączenie siły i delikatności

ESTO, a combination of strength and gentleness

© Valvex

CADIA, or elegance in the spirit of modern retro

The mysterious-sounding name refers to an Australian copper mine, the base raw material for brass, from which the body of the faucet is created. Its design is inspired by the modern retro style, cultivating the solutions of the past, only that in a refreshed version. We are dealing here with sophisticated lines and curves, giving the faucets a timeless character. They will find a perfect match both in larger, slightly more austere rooms, as well as in cozier interiors, full of atmospheric ornaments.

CADIA, czyli elegancja w duchu modern retro

CADIA, or elegance in the spirit of modern retro

© Valvex

Modern, functional and environmentally friendly

To sum up - each of these series has its own individual character, and it depends only on your taste and individual needs for use, which one you consider closest to your expectations. Which solution you do not bet on, you will get the highest quality sanitary faucet for many years of use.

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