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Bathroom and kitchen countertops - any size, thickness and shape

13 of November '23

Solid surface, or material of the future

A composite material (solid surface) is a mineral conglomerate that is a combination of 2/3 natural mineral with 1/3 acrylic resin and various natural pigments. The combination of a durable mineral with a plastic filler has resulted in an irreplaceable material used in interior design and furnishing.

Blaty kuchenne i łazienkowe

Kitchen and bathroom countertops


Unlimited freedom of creation

This material allows almost complete freedom in terms of shape or color selection. The wide range of available decors and the ability to create any innovative shape remove all limitations. Seamless bonding and the ability to produce the sink bowl or basin bowl in the color of the countertop make the kitchen or bathroom a unique, individual whole.

Zintegrowane zlewozmywaki

Integrated sinks


Elegant utility

Although in appearance it may resemble marble or stone, it is pleasant to the touch and warm, thanks to the fact that it takes the temperature of the environment. It is characterized by high resistance to staining and discoloration, temperature and most chemicals. Its undoubted advantage is hygienic (it is antiseptic, non-porous - it does not absorb liquids). Antibacterial and easy to keep clean, it is suitable not only for kitchens or bathrooms, but also for rooms serving pharmacy, medicine or hospitals, as well as for institutions, receptions, bars or cafes. Thanks to the many advantages it has, we can also use it to furnish yachts, boats, campers or caravans. What sets it apart from other materials is its renewability - the ability to regenerate damage, and its thermoplasticity - the ability to create any shape.

Umywalki na wymiar

Customized washbasins


For the sake of the environment

The use of mineral-acrylic material makes it possible to completely recycle and reuse it. It is also health-friendly (it has been tested by the National Institute of Hygiene and other research centers). It has numerous approvals.

Meble kompozytowe

Composite furniture


Let's get down to specifics... That is, the products we can create:

  • Bathroom and kitchen countertops - of any size, thickness and shape. Available in several hundred decors. Thanks to seamless joints creating a monolithic effect. Renewable, waterproof, non-porous, hygienic and warm.
  • Countertops with integrated washbasins/sinks - this innovative solution not only makes an amazing visual effect, but above all provides comfort and convenience of use and care, as well as full hygiene. The dimension of the countertop is arbitrary, while the shape of the basin bowl remains to be chosen: rectangular, rectangular with a curved bottom, oval or round.
  • Basinsbent from the countertop - the technology of making this type of basin is based on bending the basin directly from the countertop. The lack of any joints makes this product ultra-hygienic, while the delicate and subtle shapes will fit perfectly into the climate of minimalist interiors.
  • Washbasins with linear drain - modern design, simple form and unconventional design - these features best describe our linear washbasins. We change the traditional drain for a discreet slot. Our basins are a high-quality product created to order - you can rely on sample models, but we can also make a fully personalized product based on your design.

Umywalki zintegrowane z blatem

Washbasins integrated with countertop


  • Commercial and multi-use wash basins - solid surface material is ideal for public spaces. We equip restaurants, shopping malls, offices, train stations or gas stations with our countertops and washbasins. Why is it the best choice for commercial places? Because the composite material is hygienic, waterproof and non-porous but also renewable and, importantly, has all the necessary approvals.
  • Monolithic composite cabinets - modern design, unrivaled in terms of functionality, and unique and beautiful! In addition to the basin itself, the fronts and sides are made of mineral conglomerate - which makes the cabinet virtually completely waterproof!
  • Equipment for spa & wellness areas. We can not only join the material seamlessly to create monolithic solids, but also thermoform it to create such products as seats for baths or pool areas.
  • Reception and bar counters, tables, equipment for catering areas and shopping malls.
  • Due to its light weight and interesting design, it is also often used as equipment for ships and campers.
  • Skirting boards and shelves in areas with high humidity and exposed to water.
  • Decorative elements: serving and cutting boards, bowls, flowerbeds, lamps, for example, with an engraved company logo.

Umywalki komercyjne

Commercial washbasins


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