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Bricks and Spritzer luminaire collections from Zaho Lighting - functional, minimal and designer

13 of November '23

Zaho lighting was founded on sustainable design, combining a fascination with light, knowledge of design, materials, state-of-the-art technology with an approach to people and their needs.

Bricks line, Spritzer proj. Anita Kruk

Bricks line, Spritzer proj. by Anita Kruk


All the light fixtures we design are characterized primarily by high quality light, which has a significant impact on human well-being. In addition, a simple and interesting design allows us to give each interior a unique climate.

Lighting plays a very important role in the interior. The color of light and its intensity have a huge impact on our well-being, mental comfort and productivity during work. That is why it is so important to choose the right lighting and its parameters.

Bricks 1 proj. ROBOT biuro architektoniczne

Bricks 1 proj. ROBOT architectural office


Our use of the latest LED technology in the design process of lighting fixtures, combined with intelligent control systems such as Tunable White, DALI, Casambi, allow us to provide not only interesting visual effects, but most importantly, to effectively manage light and improve the comfort of staying in a given interior.


Bricks is a family of lighting fixtures that are a perfect combination of modern design, functionality and original form. This unique collection was designed to create lighting fixtures that not only perfectly fulfill their function, but also constitute an aesthetic and modern work of art.

The distinguishing feature of Bricks luminaires is the subtle, slightly curved tube, which is the unifying element of the entire product family. This luminous tube gives the fixtures a distinctive touch, creating a unique atmosphere in any room. Thanks to this simple design, Bricks fit perfectly into a variety of spaces, giving them an original touch.

Bricks wall, proj. KOiKO Design

Bricks wall, design by KOiKO Design


The light geometry of the Bricks fixtures has been carefully designed to create softly diffused lighting. This solution ensures that the light is evenly distributed in the space, giving the interiors delicacy and subtlety. In addition, the ability to hang the fixtures freely gives them lightness, creating a striking and harmonious look.

The Bricks collection is ideal for modern space arrangements, where not only functionality, but also aesthetics and originality matter. These luminaires blend perfectly with modern interiors, adding to their unique character. Thanks to the careful design by Studio Politowicz, Bricks are a harmonious combination of form and function.

Bricks wall, proj. TK Architekci

Bricks wall, design by TK Architects


Bricks luminaires are not only a source of light, but also a decorative element that can become the focal point of any room. Their minimalist elegance and modern design make them an excellent choice for those looking for unique lighting solutions. Zaho Lighting, with its Bricks collection, proves that lighting can be both practical and beautiful, creating a unique atmosphere in any interior.


Spritzer is a collection that combines dynamic, flowing shapes with innovative lighting technology. This unique lamp was designed to create not only aesthetic, but also functional lighting that will bring an unusual atmosphere to the interior. The luminaire is distinguished bya flexible tube, in which the enclosed light spreads gently, following the designated lines. With this unusual approach to form, the luminaire relies on playing with shadows, creating unique light patterns on surfaces in the room. Thanks to its irregular shapes, Spritzer can give an interior a unique character, introducing an element of artistic expression into the space.

Spritzer long proj. Paweł Kurek

Spritzer long proj. by Pawel Kurek


One of the key elements of this collection is the possibility to use Tunable White technology. This innovative feature allows the color of the light to change naturally. By mixing the light emitted by cold and warm white LEDs, Tunable White technology covers the entire range of color temperature from 2700 to 6500 Kelvin. Scientific studies show that cold white light with a high proportion of blue stimulates activity and promotes concentration, while warm white light has a calming effect. As a result, Spritzer fixtures not only impress with their unique design, but also create an environment that naturally supports people in various activities. This lighting not only decorates the space, but also has a positive effect on the well-being and efficiency of users.

Spritzer 2, proj. L”AB architekci Krzysztof Miruć

Spritzer 2, proj. L "AB architects Krzysztof Miruć


With its Bricks and Spritzer luminaire collections, Zaho Lighting once again proves that lighting can be not only functional, but also inspiring and supportive. Their minimalist elegance and modern design make them an excellent choice for those looking for unique lighting solutions.

Spritzer long, proj. TK Architekci

Spritzer long, designed by TK Architects


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