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How to combine style and functionality in public sanitary spaces?

01 of November '23

DELABIE, a French, 100% family-owned company founded in 1928, is a European leader in plumbing fixtures and sanitary equipment for use in public facilities. The company offers a specialized offering tailored to this sector, which consists of five main ranges: fixtures for public facilities, hospital fixtures, accessibility and hygiene accessories, stainless steel sanitary ware and specialty fixtures.

4-funkcyjna szafka z lustrem DELABIE

DELABIE 4-function mirror cabinet


More than 2,000 DELABIE products, an internationally recognized brand, are exported from the factory in France to more than 90 countries, and the company has 9 subsidiaries worldwide: Germany, Austria, Benelux, UK, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Emirates (Dubai) and China (Hong Kong).

BLACK SPIRIT COLLECTION - plumbing fixtures and sanitary appliances and hygienic accessories in black.

Having conquered kitchens and bathrooms in private homes, black has set out to conquer sanitary spaces in public buildings as well. This timeless color is a safe solution that gives rooms a unique style and introduces a slightly industrial, cool, yet elegant character. It looks beautiful in combination with gold elements or in juxtaposition with wood. It is perfect for designer interiors of clubs, restaurants or hotels.

Kolekcja Black Spirit od DELABIE: armatura i urządzenia sanitarne oraz akcesoria higieniczne w czerni

Black Spirit collection from DELABIE: fixtures and sanitary appliances and hygienic accessories in black.


However, the DELABIE brand realizes that looks aren't everything, and the public sector needs specific products that can simultaneously withstand heavy use and are easy to clean to ensure optimal hygiene for all users. That's why, in response to this trend, the DELABIE brand has created the unique BLACK SPIRIT range. BLACK SPIRIT fixtures and sanitary ware and accessories not only follow the black trend, but also meet the specific requirements of public facilities, such as easy hygiene, unparalleled durability, easy installation and simple maintenance.

BE-LINE® SERIES - sanitary spaces in the spirit of universal design

DELABIE continues its conquest of the idea of universal design with the Be-Line® range representing a combination of comfort and aesthetics in public facilities. Be-Line® handrails and shower seats erase the stigma and hospital aspect of assistive equipment for people with disabilities. Creating a barrier-free sanitary space that is also pleasant is a challenge that Be-Line® products perfectly meet. Their aesthetics are characterized by simple and discreet lines that blend naturally into the space.

Czarna poręcz natryskowa z przesuwnym drążkiem pionowym i czarny taboret natryskowy Be-Line® DELABIE

Be-Line® DELABIE black shower handrail with sliding vertical bar and black Be-Line® shower stool.


Be-Line® handrails have a rounded shape that, combined with a non-slip anti-rotation flattening, allows for a more secure and safe grip. Be-Line® products, like all products in the DELABIE Accessibility range, come with a Safety Package: 10-year warranty, CE Mark and are tested for over 200 kg. Be-Line® handrails with intergenerational design are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or degree of independence.

There are 3 color options within the series: matte white, matte black and anthracite metallic. They make it possible not only to create an aesthetically pleasing space by matching the color scheme to the interior design, but also to select it in such a way as to provide visually impaired people with an appropriate visual contrast with the wall.


Elegance, easy installation and optimal hygiene in one. Multifunctional cabinets have already become an indispensable product in both large and smaller public facilities. One cabinet can have 4 functions: a mirror, an automatic soap dispenser, an electronic valve and an intensive air blow dryer or a paper towel dispenser, depending on the model. For all spaces where sanitary fittings are already installed, a 3-function model can be fitted - without an electronic valve.

3-funkcyjna szafka z lustrem DELABIE i czarna bateria elektroniczna BLACK BINOPTIC DELABIE

DELABIE 3-function mirror cabinet and BLACK BINOPTIC DELABIE electronic faucet


Using the various functions is intuitive, thanks to illuminated pictograms that indicate the location of soap, water and dryer or paper towels. Equipped with an LED strip, the cabinets create atmospheric ambient lighting to highlight the sink. In addition to being functional, they are therefore also a real decorative element.

In addition, the electronic solutions used in them ensure hygiene at the highest level. Automatic hand detection when activating the soap dispenser, valve or dryer guarantees no manual contact with the devices, which in turn avoids the transmission of infections from one user to another. In addition, the valve has an anti-bacterial intermittent flush function, preventing stagnant water in the system and thus preventing the proliferation of bacteria.




Structurally, the mirror cabinet was created to make installation and maintenance as simple as possible. 3 screws, one water connection and one electrical connection are enough to make all the features ready for use. The mirror cabinet is available in 2 sizes: 600 mm wide for individual installation or 800 mm wide to create a wall of mirrors by connecting several cabinets together.

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