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Schedpol - supplier of bathroom equipment and partner in the process of creating unique architectural solutions

06 of November '23



Schedpol, owner of the Schedline brand, is revolutionizing the approach to designing bathroom fixtures, betting on the freedom and creativity of architects working on projects, including investment projects. The Polish manufacturer makes it possible to customize the form, finish structure and color from the RAL palette to suit the style requirements of a particular bathroom. In addition, Schedline's wide range of products makes it possible to compose sets of bathroom products, juxtaposing a uniform structure and color of the shower tray with the shower wall and sink. This allows you to create personalized and designer solutions.

Ścianki prysznicowe Wall Comfort oraz Nonlimits Grey Stone - brodzik zintegrowany z podstawą w technologii Stabilsound Plus®

Wall Comfort and Nonlimits Grey Stone shower walls - shower tray integrated into the base with Stabilsound Plus® technology.


The Schedline brand not only offers a wide range of products for designers and architects, but also provides access to 3D models in various formats, including CAD DECOR. The ordering party has an influence not only on the aesthetics of the final product, but also on the manufacturing technology, the type of infill and the degree of slip resistance (compliance with DIN 16165 appendix A). In this way, Schedpol becomes a supplier of bathroom equipment and a partner in the process of creating unique architectural solutions tailored to investment needs.

Wzornik kolorystyczny brodzików Stabilsound Plus®

Color pattern of Stabilsound Plus® shower trays.


Polish manufacturing

Schedpol is a manufacturer and ambassador of Polish production on the world market. Our expert team includes specialists from various fields, constantly developing their qualifications, open to innovation and modern solutions. Polish production from A to Z means not only the highest quality, but also responsibility for the environment and the local community. Products meet the highest quality standards, as confirmed by numerous certificates. When you choose the Schedline brand, you choose not only quality, but also full support before, during and after the sale.

Odpływ liniowy Regular Line Black

Regular Line drain Black



In a dynamic world where trends and customer expectations are constantly evolving, Schedpol targets innovative solutions. Our products, harmoniously interacting visually and technologically, represent a modern approach to bathroom design. We meet the changing needs of the market, focusing on continuous improvement of product quality, weight reduction and increased durability. Our goal is not only to adapt to current customer requirements, but also to constantly strive for excellence and sustainable development.

Wanna Milos osadzona na nośniku z podcięciem na stopy/oświetlenie LED

Milos bathtub set on a carrier with undercut footboard/LED lighting


We work on modern solutions that not only meet current expectations, but also anticipate future market challenges. In addition, we ensure the ease and safety of product logistics throughout the process, offering cheaper delivery in packages, eliminating the need for transportation on pallets. Our innovations also translate into a 50% reduction in CO₂ emissions in logistics, in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition, we provide easy assembly of the product regardless of size, allowing one person to install it himself.

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