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Customized shower trays for business customers

27 of November '22

Personalized product for specific needs

Since its inception, the company has worked with specialists in many business areas - both manufacturers and importers of sanitary products, as well as designers and furniture manufacturers. The cooperation concerns both own brands: SCHEDPOL and Schedline Collection as well as individual customer brands. A huge role in the creation of solid products is played by the patented Stabilsound Plus® technology, which is a guarantee of the highest quality, and also ensures exceptional usability and safety of the shower trays and bathtubs equipped with it.

In addition, there are a number of distinctive features worth mentioning under this term, which include Antibac® coating , which prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi or mold on the surface of shower trays and bathtubs, and Easy to Clean® coating, which ensures easy cleaning of products using only a wet cloth, without the need for chemical products.

Protos (brodzik niski) w technologii Stabilsound Plus, Schedpol Schedline Collection

Protos (low shower tray) with Stabilsound Plus technology, Schedpol Schedline Collection


Comprehensive service from A to Z

Schedpol offers its contractors a comprehensive service consisting of professional consulting, design and manufacturing of shower trays to individual orders of business customers. The service is performed from the proverbial "A" to "Z". Ultimately, the customer receives a product 100% in accordance with the order and specific, even the most exorbitant expectations. The process is controlled at every stage of design and production, and custom products are created according to strict quality standards. The growing demand for shower trays and linear drains that are made to a specific size has led to the establishment of a specialized design and development center within Schedpol. Thanks to the close cooperation of professionals from various fields, a product is created that is not only aesthetically pleasing and useful, but also durable. The additional use of several layers: thermal insulating, soundproofing, stabilizing and reinforcement of the shower tray at the edges makes the product practically indestructible.

Thin Line (odpływ szczelinowy) w technologii Standard Plus, Schedpol Schedline Collection

Thin Line (slotted drain) in Standard Plus technology, Schedpol Schedline Collection


Personalized surface

The customer has the opportunity to order a product that will be perfectly adapted in size and shape to the needs, in addition to meeting all standardsand expectations regarding, for example, exposure of the product to long-term moisture in a hotel bathroom or in the locker room of a fitness club. Schedpol, is able to apply a tile, acrylic, steel or solid Surface to a specific batch of shower trays. If even greater slip resistance is required, an acrylic shower tray can be ordered with a special, durable SafeMase® Triple Protect coating (DIN 51097:A).

Safe Mase® Triple Protect – specjalna, trwała powłoka antypoślizgowa

Safe Mase® Triple Protect - a special, durable anti-slip coating


An innovative idea for a quick renovation

The large-format shower wall system is visually and technologically consistent with the stone-textured shower trays available from Schedpol. The walls are available in two thicknesses: 1 cm and 6 cm (gives the possibility to hide the installation and relocation of water connections and faucets used at the bathtub, without interfering with the structure of the walls). Wall Stone panels can be easily cut to the desired size and attached to any surface.

Wypełnienia uszlachetniające produkty kąpielowe – izolujące termicznie i akustycznie oraz poprawiające wytrzymałość na nacisk statyczny

Bath product enhancement fillings - to insulate thermally and acoustically and improve static pressure resistance


For more information, visit the company's SCHEDPOL Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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