SCHEDPOL Sp. z o.o.


Schedpol provides personalized solutions for all bathrooms. For almost 30 years, the brand's designers have been dedicated to creating spaces that are designed to be ergonomic, safe and beautiful. Hence the use of innovative technologies and designer forms, the recipients of which are individuals and companies.

Schedpol brand products

The Polish supplier of bathtubs and shower trays has a much wider range of sanitary products on offer. Here you will also find elegant and robust linear drains, EPS carriers or built-in systems. In addition to these, there are tools and installation accessories necessary for installation or renovation work.

Technologies used

The Schedpol brand uses advanced technologies to produce safe sanitary products. Its proposals include Stabilsound Plus ®, which is a reinforced and integrated structure, and Stonicryl® multilayer composite material with above-average durability. Plus bathtub carriers and anti-slip systems for shower trays.

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