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The importance of ecology in modern business on the example of Schedpol company

29 of June '22

A responsibly run business these days takes a conscious approach to environmental issues. This is particularly important for manufacturing companies. The recently fashionable slogans of "eco-consciousness" and running a company in the spirit of "sustainable development" are used in pro-client communications on a regular basis. Few companies, however, can boast a well-thought-out and realistically implemented environmental policy.

Producent Schedpol Polska

Manufacturer Schedpol Poland


However, there are companies that do not end their mission with catchy slogans and turn declarations into actions. This is the case of the Polish manufacturer of shower trays, bathtubs, linear drains and stabilizing supports - Schedpol, which for years has been implementing innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the health of users.

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In the construction industry, as in the food industry, the composition of the final product is of vital importance. While we have become accustomed, as consumers, to reading labels, seeking information about production technologies and components of individual parts of our home furnishings is no longer such a common practice. Meanwhile, what and under what conditions the equipment we buy was made from has an impact on the planet and ourselves.

In the production process of shower trays, bathtubs and the rest of Schedpol's range of products, polyurethane foams are used, which do not destroy the ozone layer, so they do not contribute to the greenhouse effect. In the production process, molds made of aluminum are used, so they can be recycled, as can waste foamed polystyrene.

Nasze produkty spełniają normy polskie i europejskie w wielu obszarach

Our products meet Polish and European standards in many areas


In addition, the resins used at Schedpol are carefully selected and emit more than 28% less styrene during and after production than most such substances available on the market. Meanwhile, the polystyrene (EPS) components used do not contain harmful bromine compounds.


In the life cycle of a product, between production and the final customer, there is still all the logistics of its delivery. Conscious and well-planned transportation makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 into the atmosphere. In the case of our company, the very technology of product manufacturing promotes ecology and optimizes loading.

This is due to the use of composite materials with lower weight, which allows placing as many as approx. 70% more pieces of shower trays on a single pallet. This gives the possibility to use every loading space in the supply chain, with less load on the vehicles," says Piotr Fuhrmann, an expert at Schedpol. It is worth adding to the fact that the cartons used by the company are made from recycled paper and adhesives of purely natural origin.

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Large modern factories, which are guided by the principles of sustainable development, make sure that the administrative solutions implemented favor the environment. - The Schedpol factory uses pre-consumer recycling. We have introduced a modern waste management process, which includes proper source segregation at each stage of the production cycle and circular management.
Thanks to the solutions we use on a daily basis, we have reduced the amount of plastic waste by as much as 39% in the last year. - Piotr Fuhrmann adds. The company has also significantly reduced internal energy consumption. The reduction in the weight of components has translated into a reduction in the consumption of electric trucks and machinery, used in the process of transporting and stacking products.

Dzięki nowoczesnym technologiom działamy ekologicznie

Thanks to modern technologies, we are acting ecologically


Environmental awareness in business is gaining importance. Global pressures are forcing industry to make radical changes. But these are changes for the better. Manufacturers are more and more willing to turn to solutions that are environmentally friendly. More and more often they initiate them themselves, thus improving the functioning of their companies. After all, ecology does not have to be an inconvenience, but one of many other innovations that prove that we are moving with the times.

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