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Attractive and durable Libra Black Stone composite shower tray

18 of May '20

Black shower tray with low built-in height - Libra Black Stone by Schedpol Schedline Collection.

When renovating a bathroom, we usually bet on products that not only please the eye, but also stand out for their durability and robustness. Keeping in mind the needs of customers that combine aesthetic qualities with product durability, the Schedpol Schedline Collection brand has created a new shower tray - Libra Black Stone, which responds to the requirements of modern bathrooms and shower areas.

A shower tray infused with technologies

The new Libra Black Stone shower tray is characterized by only a 3-centimeter built-in height, but thanks to its European Stabilsound Plus® technology, it provides stability and maximum pressure resistance - even at the rims and bottom of the shower tray. The shower tray also owes its maximum durability to the material used in its creation - the innovative Stonicryl®. It's a multi-layer composite that exhibits high impact resistance (it won't shatter if dropped, such as during installation, or hit by a heavy object), plus it's 60% lighter than a standard shower tray, making it easy for one person to install.

Libra Black Stone is also comfortable to use and easy to clean. The soundproofing filling effectively reduces the noise of water falling on the surface of the shower tray by up to 40%! In addition, it provides excellent thermal insulation, which means that the water maintains a warm, pleasant temperature for longer. Its undeniable advantage is also its coating - AntiBac® and Easy to Clean®. Thanks to it, bacteria on its surface do not multiply, and any contamination caused by use is extremely easy to remove. The technologically advanced Libra Black Stone shower tray, combined with professional installation, is a durable and safe piece of equipment for the shower space, and the waterproof protective layer effectively prevents the appearance of moisture or mold.

In line with global design trends

Today in bathroom interior design trends there is a significant turn to natural finishing materials or those that imitate natural ones. Increasingly, we can meet wooden decors and stone not only on movable elements, that is, those that can be easily replaced or moved, but also on the walls or floor. Natural finishing elements are also not uncommon in the shower area. The Libra Black Stone shower tray has a texture reminiscent of natural stone in a shade of noble black. The matte surface gives the bathing area an extremely elegant and minimalist character, emphasizing the uniqueness of the arrangement. The shower tray can be "recessed into the floor", creating a threshold-free entrance to the shower. Such a solution increases the safety of use especially for the elderly and children, and what's more - it optically enlarges the space, creating a coherent, unified, undisturbed arrangement. The new Schedpol Schedline Collection shower trays are a harmonious combination of design and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional bathroom space for years to come.

The range of Schedpol Schedline Collection Libra Black Stone shower trays includes square, semicircular and rectangular models in various sizes.
Price: from about PLN 700

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