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Patent for a modern bathroom. Advanced shower trays and bathtubs from the Polish company Schedpol

01 of November '20

How to create a comfortable and modern bathroom?
From the series "Fashionable bathroom - trends 2020".

Schedpol is a Polish bathroom furnishings company that has been operating on the market for 40 years, which cooperates with specialists in many areas of the business - both manufacturers and importers of sanitary products, as well as designers and furniture manufacturers.

Aranżacjaminimalistycznej łazienki – wyposażenie łazienek Schedpol

A fusion of ideas drawing inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian styles. The combination of warm wood and contrasting concrete, stone and ceramics always brings an excellent visual effect and a sense of prestige to the interior.


Schedpol patented technologies

Patented Stabilsound® and Stabilsound Plus® technologies play an important role in the creation of robust products, which guarantee the highest quality and ensure the exceptional usability and safety of shower trays and bathtubs manufactured using these technologies. The products also have, among other things, a special Antibac® coating that prevents the proliferation of bacteria, fungi or mold on the surface of the shower trays and bathtubs, as well as an Easy to Clean® coating that ensures easy cleaning of Schedpol products using only a wet cloth, without the need to use chemicals.

Aranżacja nowoczesnej
łazienki w bieli i czerni – wyposażenie łazienek Schedpol

Arrangement of a modern bathroom. Rainshower and faucet hidden in the wall. Shower tray with a drain in the form of a monobloc raised above the floor surface. Pure minimalism.


Customized custom shower trays

Schedpol offers shower trays in a variety of shapes - from square, rectangular, asymmetrical, semicircular to pentagonal shower trays. You can also adjust the drain itself in the shower tray - in some models it is located on one of the sides of the shower tray (or in the corner), and in others in the middle.

Brodzik trapezowy na specjalne zamówienie © SCHEDPOL

Trapezoidal shower tray on special order


Nowoczesny odpływbrodzika łazienkowego

A modern and minimalist cement shower tray with a grille


What's more, the brand, meeting the needs of B2B customers, also produces customized shower trays, which are created from scratch. First, a 3D design is created, on which all the necessary data and technical details are applied. Then an aluminum mold is created, which is finally used to thermoform the products made from high-quality components. The prototype is tested and verified in a specific realization or investment. At this stage, possible comments or changes are also made, which will be incorporated into the product. The accepted design is transferred to production in the number of copies ordered.

Brodzik ze zintegrowanym panelem i strukturze w kolorze czarnym © SCHEDPOL

Umywalka z powierzchnią o strukturze kamienia w kolorze antracytowym © SCHEDPOL

Shower tray with integrated panel and structure in black and washbasin with stone structure in anthracite color


Personalized surface

The customer has the option of ordering a product that will be perfectly adapted both in size and shape to his needs, in addition to meeting all standards and expectations regarding, for example, the product's exposure to prolonged moisture in a hotel bathroom or in the locker room of a fitness club. Importantly, the surface of the shower tray can also be personalized.

Personalizacja powierzchni brodzika - od gładkiej przez matową, kamienistą na różnych barwach kończąc

Personalize the surface of the shower tray - from smooth to matte, pebbled to different colors


Schedpol offers the use of a smooth or stony mat te surface in various colors (with anti-slip class A according to DIN 51097), steel or Solid Surface on a specific batch of shower trays. If even greater slip resistance is required, you can order a shower tray with a special SafeMase® Triple Protect coating, with certified anti-slip class B (according to DIN 51097), which is available in different variants: stripes and a durable coating with different patterns and colors.


Schedpol's eco-friendly solutions

Schedpol bases its entire organization on a modern waste management process, which includes proper source segregation at each stage of the production cycle and circular management. By segregating waste, at each stage of production, it improves subsequent recycling and reduces the amount of mixed waste to a minimum. Thanks to these solutions, the company has reduced plastic waste by as much as 39 percent in the last year.

Schedpol also consciously chooses the raw materials it uses - the polyurethane foams used by the company do not affect the ozone layer, the resins used emit more than 28 percent less styrene during and after production than most resins available on the market, and all shower trays and bathtubs are hygienically certified, which guarantees their safety for both health and the environment. What's more, the company uses only aluminum molds that can be recycled, and foamed polystyrene is 100 percent recycled by the company and reused in the process.

Thanks to the optimization of technology, on an annual basis the company has reduced the overall amount of energy used in the company by almost 15 percent, and water by more than 43 percent.
With an eye on reducingCO2 emissions, Schedpol, through the use of lower-weight composite materials, has significantly increased the possibility of utilizing loading space in the supply chain, which, in terms of full-load transport, enables the delivery of as much as 70 percent more products at one time. The lighter weight of the products and the above translates into CO2 savings in the transportation of Schedpol's products - by up to about 50% per composite product.

For more information, visit the company's SCHEDPOL Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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