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Go for GOLD! Gold fever in your home

01 of November '20

LOFT GOLD series - fixtures in the color of gold.
From the series "Fashionable bathroom - trends 2020".

Although chrome fixtures still lead the way in our kitchens and bathrooms, we are increasingly boldly deciding to make changes. We willingly choose faucets in shades of black, white, rose gold.
More and more often, too... we covet gold!

Złota armatura
s serii LOFT GOLD

Gold fixtures from the LOFT GOLD series


LOFT GOLD faucets in modern interior designs

The LOFT GOLD series of faucets from the Polish manufacturer VALVEX are faucets that are economical in form, but like few others, attract attention. They perfectly complement modern, demanding interiors. It's worth knowing that gold goes well with both light and dark arrangements, and corresponds just as well with white, black, as with bottle green, or with the color of the year 2020 - classic blue!

Złota armatura
z serii LOFT GOLD

Gold mixers from the LOFT GOLD series


Durable, beautiful, economical....

The LOFT GOLD series is distinguished by its unusual, durable gold coating, created by PVD technology. Adjustable angle of water outflow from the spout ensures precise adjustment of the stream to your needs. Functionality and comfort enclosed in a beautiful, cubist form of the faucet. The aerator with the LOW FLOW system, used in the sink faucet , reduces the water flow to as much as 4.5 l/min, significantly reducing bills, but not the comfort of use - this remains unchanged thanks to the aeration of the water stream.

Eco-friendly solutions, which the manufacturer used, will reduce the use of water, significantly reduce bills, while providing comfort in daily use.

LOFT GOLD faucets are a key element of an original arrangement, which will highlight the style, while offering a high level of functionality and precision finishing.

At a time when fixtures have ceased to be just utility equipment and have become original decorations, the warm glow and nobility of LOFT GOLD intrigues and delights, so... GO FOR GOLD!

For more information, visit the company's VALVEX SA page on the A&B portal.

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