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Immerse yourself in real-time 3d visualization. Archicad and Twimmotion

27 of November '22

Archicad 26

Focus your attention. Develop creativity.

Every building designed and completed is the result of close collaboration between designers, architects, engineers and contractors. Archicad is constantly improving inter-industry cooperation. Currently, the program supports more than 40 export and import formats, including classics such as DWG, PDF and XLS, as well as modern OPEN BIM formats - IFC and BCF. The latter are universal, independent of software manufacturers, and are already an industry standard.

The Independent | Rhode:Partners Architects, USA

The Independent | Rhode:Partners Architects, USA

© Nick Simonite

With powerful, enhanced automated design, documentation and teamwork, and professional visualization solutions, Archicad 26 lets you focus on what architects do best: designing outstanding buildings.

Archicad 26 - energy analysis

Archicad 26 comes with a configured dataset of energy and CO2 building materials for accurate building lifecycle analyses and sustainability reports.


Archicad 26 introduces improved work flows for analytical construction models and enhancements in the usability area to ensure faster and smoother collaboration between architects and designers.

Wolf Point East | Pappageorge Haymes Partners Architects, USA

Wolf Point East | Pappageorge Haymes Partners Architects, USA.

© Pappageorge Haymes


Archicad 26 enables design teams to stay perfectly organized and keep their files flowing, even as their size and complexity continue to grow. As a result, less time is spent on project management and more focus can be placed on design.


Archicad 26, with its powerful enhancements to the documentation process, enables faster and more accurate documentation with fewer manual workarounds.

Szervita Square Building | DVM Group,, Hungary

Szervita Square Building | DVM Group,, Hungary



An architect's job is more than creating professional building designs. It is also about communicating ideas and finding the right solution to design problems. Archicad 26 offers a number of innovations to make projects even more attractive.

Sun Line.

This is a proprietary addition to Archicad from {tag :Manufacturer} for analyzing the insolation of rooms. Now you can make a professional sunshine analysis using the Sun Ruler and Shading tool. All you need to do is prepare variants of the documentation at any stage of the documentation in accordance with the requirements set by the Technical Conditions.

Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney | fjmt –, Australia

Charles Perkins Centre, Sydney | fjmt -, Australia

© Demas Rusli

Library facilities

WSC, together with its Partners especially for its Clients, has created a very rich library of objects, supporting design. The entire library is made available as part of ARCHICLUB membership .


Modern visualizations and animations - Immerse yourself in real-time 3D visualization.

The program for professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, engineering, urban planning and landscape architecture. It combines an intuitive interface with the power of the Unreal Enginel engine to easily create stunning real-time 3D visualizations: high-quality visualizations, animations, cloud presentations, virtual walks.

Twinmotion - nowoczesne wizualizacje

Twinmotion - modern visualizations


Unparalleled real-time quality

View and edit your scene in real time in the same high quality as the finished render. Twinmotion offers realistic lighting and physical shading and includes more than 600 PBR materials that respond to the environment, making it easy to achieve the look you want.

Easy to learn and use

The simple and intuitive interface makes Twinmotion extremely easy to learn and use, no matter the size or complexity of your project. Drag and place light sources, materials and objects; change seasons, weather and even tree growth stages by simply dragging a slider.

Twinmotion - nowoczesne wizualizacje

Twinmotion - modern visualizations


One setup

Create simple images, panoramas, standard and immersive 360° videos and easy-to-share, lightweight, interactive presentations in seconds - all from the same Twinmotion scene . And with support for all the most popular VR goggles, Twinmotion will take you from BIM to VR in seconds .

Data handling on your own platform

Twinmotion's new calculation method , available for both Windows and macOS, is compatible with all BIM programs and offers direct synchronization with ARCHICAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, RIKCAD and Rhino, along with the Grasshopper add-on. Import data from almost any 3D modeling program via FBX, C4D and OBJ formats .

Twinmotion - nowoczesne wizualizacje

Twinmotion - modern visualizations


Bring scenes to life with intelligent solutions

The Twinmotion library not only includes static objects such as furniture and rocks, but also allows you to breathe life into any scene with ambient sounds, 3D scans of characters with motion animation, animal models and even high-resolution plants that move in the wind - all with a simple drag and drop!

Twinmotion - nowoczesne wizualizacje

Twinmotion - modern visualizations


And much more...

Set the geographic location of your project and download the real environment from OpenStreetMap. Lock your project in white-box mode. Visualize the construction phases of your project. Create a path with just two clicks and fill it with moving vehicles or pedestrians....

For more information, visit the company's WSC Witold Szymanik i S-ka Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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