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Archicad 25 - learn about its new features

15 of July '21

The latest version of Archicad
, which had its world premiere on July 7, 2021, is an example of effective integration of issues of BIM modeling, information management, presentation of design ideas and interprofessional cooperation and communication.

Note: The premiere of the Polish version of Archicad 25 is scheduled for 20.07.2021, at which time for all details, please visit:

effective BIM modeling

In accordance with the requirements of BIM technology, tasks such as automatic preparation of documentation or interprofessional coordination, among others, are performed on the basis of a digital model of the building and can be implemented in a single environment used on a daily basis and easily shared with other participants in the project implementation process.

Components of the BIM model can be added using dedicated tools, in which it is possible to map virtually all geometric and informational features of building elements. The use of visual programming in PARAM-O tool allows you to easily create your own parametric objects while the combination with Rhino/Grasshopper software environment or the use of Python language provides virtually unlimited possibilities for modifying the geometry, or managing information associated with the BIM model.

greater design comfort

Solutions such as automatic generation of 2D documentation, interactive listings, or a built-in high-end rendering engine make everyday project preparation tasks easier.

The creation of 2D drawings (elevations and sections) in the latest version of Archicad has been enhanced by the ability to make full use of textures assigned to model components. Together with the ability to share the project on mobile devices, using the BIMx format, this makes Archicad an effective tool to support presentation and communication with other participants in the design process," explains Maciej Szymanik, board member of WSC, an authorized distributor of Archicad in Poland.

inter-industry cooperation

Archicad is also a leading platform containing the latest solutions for interprofessional cooperation and communication in the OPEN BIM standard. The use of the IFC format, built-in clash detection tools, model comparison or a system for adding comments to a project, with the ability to share them in the BCF standard, facilitate coordination and sharing of design decisions with designers from other industries. In the latest, 25th edition of Archicad, further tools have been implemented to facilitate the use of the IFC standard - including defining the modeling starting point and its relation to the actual project location using a built-in geodetic point, describes Maciej Szymanik.
In addition, the generation and editing of the analytical model of the structure (available since version 24) have been supplemented with the definition of loads. This allows Archicad 25 to be used more and more effectively also by structural designers, who can work together with architects on a single physical model, continues Maciej Szymanik.

Together with many other changes, this makes Archicad 25 a tool adapted to the needs of architects and enables the entire design process to be carried out efficiently and effectively in one integrated environment.

For more information, visit the website of WSC WITOLD SZYMANIK I S-KA SP. Z O.O. A&B portal.

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