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Outdoor spaces - solutions, design trends 2021

15 of July '21

Outdoor spaces - solutions,
design trends 2021

The quality of outdoor spaces has a huge impact on whether users want to spend time in a place. When creating public spaces, it's important to keep in mind their inclusivity, accessibility for everyone, the right choice of durable and resistant materials, comfortable urban furniture, and eco-friendly solutions, including pavements that will support rainwater retention. Are you looking for inspiration? We invite you to review solutions and design trends for outdoor spaces.

a touch of color in the city

How to create an inclusive public space where we feel comfortable? An addition to the well-thought-out design of a user-friendly place can be appropriately selected urban furniture and the use of colors that affect our well-being. Komserwis offers street furniture with colorful accents (from the Letter, Fin and Traffic series) to help shape public spaces.

meble miejskie z kolekcji Fin

© Komserwis

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good first impression

Before we enter a building, we pay attention to what is outside. Appropriately selected and arranged outdoor elements, including the surfaces of driveways, alleys or terraces, stairs, small architecture, compositions of plants in pots or fences can affect a good first impression. A variety of solutions to help achieve the wow effect are available from the Polbruk brand.

płyty Magna, stopień Grando

© Polbruk

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paving that allows water to pass through

Why do streets sink during heavy rainfall? In addition to overflowing sewer systems, impermeable pavements are a big culprit. With a solution comes GalaProdukt, which has launched the EcoRaster and EcoBloxx reinforcement systems, which can be used to create load-bearing pavements that at the same time retain the function of allowing water to pass through to the ground.

nawierzchnie przepuszczalne dla wody

© GalaProdukt

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durable and ecological

When choosing a pavement for open spaces, it is worth paying attention to such elements as retention of rainwater, limiting its runoff into storm drains and protection of tree stands. These requirements are met by modern water-permeable pavements, PERVIA path cement-aggregate mixtures available from CEMEX, which are distinguished by mechanical strength, excellent frost resistance and adequate porosity.

PERVIA path, nawierzchnia wodoprzepuszczalna


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comfortable staircase for years

Have you encountered the problem of tiles falling off the stairs in front of your house? To avoid this problem, it is worth reaching for easy and quick to build, durable and weather-resistant ready-mixed concrete elements - stair blocks in the shape of a flat cuboid andwith a decoratively finished surface, facing steps that can be used on existing reinforced concrete steps, or large-format platform slabs, such as those available from Bruk-Bet.

schody Bruk-Bet, wapień dewoński

© Bruk-Bet

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a classic with many possibilities

Paving blocks are already a classic among the types of surfaces available on the market. Resistant to mechanical loads, weather conditions and intensive use, paving blocks are available in many variants and colors. With roots in Greater Poland, Pozbruk has classic, modern and retro pavers on offer. In terms of colors, Zuzanna Nowicka, the brand's outdoor design expert, recommends practical and dirt-masking melanges.

nawierzchnia z kostek brukowych

© Pozbruk

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for the active

Outdoor gyms help in active leisure activities. When creating outdoor gyms in parks, on housing estates, near schools or in the vicinity of sports facilities, attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate equipment. The one available in the offer of the Polish manufacturer, Trainer, is protected against unfavorable weather conditions - rain, snow and frost.

Siłownia plenerowa Trainer

© Trainer

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