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Work has started on Skra, which has been reclaimed by the city

15 of July '21

Cleanup work has begun on the site of Skra's stadium complex in Pole Mokotowskie, which has been reclaimed by the city authorities. Residents will soon be able to use part of the site. Preparations for the first stage of reconstruction have also begun.

A postwar pearl of sports architecture

Stadion Skry

Photo: Adam Guz/KPRM

The centerpiece of the sprawling sports complex located on the edge of Pole Mokotowskie park is a distinctive horseshoe-shaped stadium. The facility was built between 1948 and 1953 to a design by M. Kokozov and J. Wasilewski, with the main purpose of hosting speedway competitions, which, however, did not gain the assumed popularity. The stadium was distinguished by a rich program - volleyball and basketball fields, there were tennis courts, a training football field and a speedway track. In 1969, the first Polish tartan surface was realized here, which, being a symbol of the highest achievements in sports construction technology, made it possible to organize large athletic shows. The stadium was further complemented by hotel facilities and a swimming pool complex.

years of court battles

Prace rekultywacyjne

photo: UM Warszawa

We wrote about how the stadium fell into disrepair on the portal in March. This was the aftermath of a 1974 decision, when the vast grounds were given to the RKS Skra association for 40 years. Due to the neglect of the infrastructure, it was decided not to renew the contract. In 2017, the city called the club to a settlement attempt, which did not happen, resulting in a lawsuit against RKS Skra for the property. After a long court battle, on January 28, 2021. The Court of Appeals upheld the ruling, which ordered the city to release the property.

After years of court battles, we regained Skra as the Capital City of Warsaw. Now it's time to restore it to athletes and residents. A few weeks ago we finally gained access to the complex. We started work right away.

Rafal Trzaskowski

first works

Prace porządkowe

photo: UM Warsaw

Skra's site at the time of the city's takeover was 21 hectares of neglected sports facilities, the remains of parking lots, swimming pools and green areas. Since May 24, it has been possible to clean the side stadium area of dangerous elements, including in particular concrete elements, poles, shelters, stands, goals, and lamp posts. Similar work was done on the tennis courts, and the area was also rehabilitated here and new grass was sown. The locker room buildings have been prepared for demolition, and work has already begun on dismantling the stands of the small fields. A wild garbage dump has been eliminated at the complex , and a total of about 700 m3 of rubble and waste has already been removed from the site. Renovation of electrical and sanitary installations is underway, as well as preparations for repairing the surface of the pedestrian and roadways.

Konferencja prasowa

Photo: UM Warsaw

These and other works planned for the coming weeks are expected to allow technical verification, allowing the facility to be used safely. As announced by the Warsaw authorities, one side field will soon be ready and available to the public, while other elements will be handed over in stages. The city is also looking for an investor for the athletics stadium.

competition design


photo by Aleksander Wadas Studio

The thorough reconstruction of the Skra complex is to be based on the winning competition concept from October 2018. The jury decided to award the first prize to Aleksander Wadas' team (in cooperation with Veronika Marek and Anna Odulinskaya). The scope of the concept includes the construction of a training stadium with facilities (in accordance with the requirements for an IAAF category II main stadium), a recreational and sports zone connecting Pole Mokotowskie with Skra, and general development of the entire property preparing it for safe and compatible use and for further investment works. The second stage of the project involves the construction of a second stadium.

Projekt konkursowy

Photo: Aleksander Wadas Studio

As emphasized in the jury's justification, the project very successfully combined respect for heritage, functional solutions for professional athletes, rugby players and other sportsmen using the facility, as well as amateur sportsmen, and an imaginative recreational program, while incorporating the sports complex into the entire open park program of Pole Mokotowskie.

Kacper Kępiński

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