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An enclave of short-term rentals. More apartments will spring up on Granary Island

10 of May '24

Short-term rental investments in the heart of Gdansk seem to have no end. Another building of 330 investment apartments will be built on Granary Island. Owners of the units will be able to live here for just two weeks a year.

The southern part of Granary Island, like the more exposed and well-known to tourists northern part - after years of stagnation - is rapidly filling up with new development. The trouble is that mainly investments intended for short-term rentals are being built there. With all the consequences such as depopulation of the downtown, shrinking infrastructure for permanent residents, and driving up housing prices. Already a few years ago, urban activists ridiculously hailed this part of the city as Booking. com Island, because instead of permanent residents it is thick with temporary visitors.

investors instead of residents

Now another investment has been announced by Warsaw-based developer Marvipol. As it announced, at 78/80 Chmielna Street there will be a building with 332 units (with areas ranging from as little as 18 to 60 sqm) in the standard of a four-star hotel. Service establishments are planned on the first floor. The developer makes no secret of who the planned development will serve.

Unique Hotel Gdansk **** is an ideal proposition for those wishing to invest capital in the real estate market. (...) the premises will be very popular with tourists all year round," Marvipol states.

Apartment owners will only be able to stay in the apartments for two weeks - and that's during the high season. For the rest of the year, the operator will rent the units to tourists.

On the plus side: commercial premises are planned in the new development, in addition to the fact that the neglected plot of land now needs urgent cleanup. On the other hand, the change to the disadvantage is the overwhelming volume of the eight-story building (especially the last three floors).

W tej części miasta obok nowych inwestycji stoją zabytkowe spichlerze

In this part of the city, historic granaries stand next to new developments

© Marvipol

A rash of projects by KD Kozikowski Design

The KD Kozikowski Design studio, which is particularly favored by investors building in the heart of Gdansk, is responsible for the project. The studio has designed, among others, Deo Plaza on the northern tip of Granary Island and the adjacent Puro Hotel. And also the surrounding Grano Residence, the New Motlawa, Waterlane Island, or most recently - the hotel in the granaries of Great and Little Groddeck, criticized by the Architect of the City of Gdansk, among others.

Ewa Karendys

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