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Golden Gate without a disfiguring fence and with tickets to the terrace. SARP wants to save the monument

19 of June '24
w skrócie
  1. Zlota Brama in Gdansk, which marks the beginning of Dluga Street, has been fenced off with an ugly fence since 2021. Criticism rightly falls on the owner of the monument - SARP "Wybrzeże".
  2. The new board of the association plans to raise funds to renovate the Golden Gate and remove the criticized fence as soon as possible.
  3. The association also wants to make the Golden Gate's terrace, which offers a view of the Royal Road, available to residents and tourists. Profits from the tickets will go entirely to renovating the structure.
  4. SARP plans to remove the fence after an expert report indicates that passersby are no longer in danger.
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The renovated terrace of the Golden Gate in Gdansk offers a beautiful view of Dluga Street. Unfortunately, today only a few people can look at the heart of the city from here. The new president of the local branch of SARP, Natalia Balcerzak, promises that this will soon change. And admission tickets will help fund further renovation of this 17th-century monument.

One of the most important monuments in Gdansk has been fenced off with a disfiguring fence since 2021. The spice of the matter is added by the fact that the 17th-century Zlota Brama, which is the beginning of Dluga Street, is in the hands of SARP "Wybrzeze", an association that should be particularly close to the aesthetics of the city. It is hardly surprising that the architects' association has come under fire from critics, while the new board of SARP "Wybrzeże", elected in February, seems more determined to get rid of this reason for embarrassment as soon as possible.

Touring the Tower and the terrace of the Golden Gate

We will try to do everything we can to raise funds for the renovation of the monument and remove the fence as soon as possible. We are also considering setting up a public collection for the renovation. And as a token of gratitude, we could open the interior of the Golden Gate to residents and tourists on selected days. Or, for example, for making a donation to the renovation of the Golden Gate, we could organize a joint tour of the interior of this beautiful monument with a presentation of its history," Natalia Balcerzak, president of SARP "Wybrzeże," told AiB in February.

In recent weeks, these ideas have begun to take real shape. First and foremost, the plan is to open the St. George's Bastion and the Golden Gate terrace to visitors. The profit from the entrance tickets is to be entirely allocated to the renovation of the monument. The tickets - these are preliminary assumptions - would cost 10 and 40 zlotys (the higher price would apply for the tour along with entry to the Golden Gate terrace).

Z tarasu Złotej Bramy roztacza się piękny widok na ulicę Długą. Wkrótce będzie on dostępny dla mieszkańców i turystów

The Golden Gate terrace offers a beautiful view of Dluga Street. It will soon be available to residents and tourists

Piotr Wittman/

I have already spoken with the Pomeranian Regional Tourist Organization on this matter. On the other hand, we still have to obtain the appropriate arrangements and, most importantly, come to an agreement on the matter with the Chamber of Architects, which rents the premises of the Golden Gate. The tours will be conducted with a guide, and I hope to launch them still during this vacation," explains Natalia Balcerzak.

it's high time to dismantle the fence

There is also a chance that the unsightly fence will soon disappear.

The structure appeared for safety reasons. There was a risk that the soggy elements of the terrace, which was flooded when it rained, would fall on passersby. Today we are waiting for expert reports, which will hopefully indicate that after the recent renovation work, such a risk has disappeared. As a result, it may be possible to remove the fence soon," announces Natalia Balcerzak.

At the same time, SARP is already preparing for the second stage of the renovation. The first included, among other things, the renovation of the terrace and was completed last November.

Piesi muszą przeciskać się dziś przez wąskie przejście brzydkiego ogrodzenia

Pedestrians have to squeeze through the narrow passage of the ugly fence today

Ewa Karendys

We are waiting for agreements from the Pomeranian Regional Monument Conservator. We estimate that the work, consisting mainly of strengthening and drying the foundations of the Golden Gate, will begin in late autumn and will last a minimum of a year. We are hoping to obtain grants for the renovation, including from the provincial marshal," says Natalia Balcerzak.

However, this does not mean that the renovation of one of Gdańsk's most important monuments will be over after that time. A third, most spectacular stage is also planned, during which the building's facade will regain its luster, and numerous ornaments will be restored. Natalia Balcerzak stresses that she will be keen to have all the work done by the end of her term in 2028.

Tickets for admission to the Golden Gate and the Brotherhood of St. George are not the only idea for commercial use of the monument. Among other things, the association is considering making the sites available for cultural events, conferences and wedding ceremonies.

Tak dzisiaj prezentuje się przejście przez Złotą Barmę

This is how the Golden Bar passage looks today

Ewa Karendys

Ewa Karendys

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