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Fashionable furniture, accessories - trends 2022

01 of September '22

Fashionable furniture, accessories - trends 2022

Interesting furniture, practical solutions and designer accessories attract the eye and create the character of the interiors of our homes, apartments and offices. Ergonomic, properly thought out and well-made not only make our daily life easier, but also serve for years. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas, we invite you to a review of fashionable furniture and accessories that will transform home and office interiors!

modern, roomy kitchen

For many, the center of the house is the kitchen with the dining room, it is here that the household meets, over common meals or cooking. In this space, good organization and functionality are important, as well as enough storage space. GTV offers systems that make work in the kitchen easier - MOVIX PRO storage systems, which include cargo baskets of various sizes and magic corners.

Magic corner GTV


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rustic decor

If you're thinking of interesting decors, it's worth taking a look at Schattdecor's offer. What a dozen years ago was treated as a "mistake of nature" is now considered an asset - scratches, knots, traces of woodworking or after woodworms. Rustic takes on a new, modernized form with the proposal of Flagstaff Oak/ Oak Bijouxfurniture board. Filling knots and cracks with pewter-colored pigment makes the decor unique and exclusive.

Flagstaff Oak / Dąb Bijoux - wzorniczy bestseller z kolekcji Schattdecor


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Flagstaff Oak / Bijoux Oak - a design bestseller from the Schattdecor collection.

premium furniture

Danish Umage furniture stands out in the market for its sensual style, excellent design and style, and, just as importantly, functionality. Available from the representative in Poland - Pufa Design, the furniture has high design qualities, thus meeting the needs of conscious investors who value the combination of classic and modern style. The rich offer includes, among others, representative armchairs, upholstered chairs, dressers, cabinets and coffee tables.

meble Umage

© Pufa Design

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intriguing designs

Colorful custom furniture for restaurants (and more)? Here you go! Manufaktura Mebli has produced upholstered furniture: patterned Delphini chairs and armchairs, Crater poufs and Vela armchairs for MEAT ME restaurant in Limanowa. The company uses the best types of fabrics and leathers, and is also involved in the implementation of production and production of newly created projects on request of Polish designers, and furniture companies.

Manufaktura Mebli

© Manufaktura Mebli

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Meat Me Restaurant in Limanowa with armchairs and sofas by Manufaktura Mebli

comfortable office and home office

Comfortable work at home or in the office? Thanks to MARO furniture you no longer have to choose. The trademark of the brand is attention to comfort and efficiency of work. The furniture it offers is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Look out for StartUs lockable desks to save space, orLano-E functional desks and workstations with electric height adjustment to promote work comfort.

Nowe trendy w pracy hybrydowej i home office


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upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture that is both modern and functional? These are the characteristics of the products available from ELTAP. Sofas, corner sofas or upholstered beds combine classic looks and interesting design with modern solutions. Sleeping comfort will be provided by boxspring type beds, electronically adjustable by remote control. The hallmark of the furniture are resistant fabrics that do not absorb liquids quickly and allow you to clean easily.

Komplet wypoczynkowy Cassara


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flowerbeds and furniture for plants

When designing private and office interiors, it is worth taking into account plants, which are an indispensable element of the increasingly popular biophilic design trend . Flowerbeds and furniture from the Bujnie design studio will help in their arrangement, which will quickly and aesthetically green the interior, even with many plants at once. Such a solution is facilitated, among others, by the metal, colorful Tillo standing flowerbed - T4 and T3, accommodating up to 8 plants.

Trendy: rośliny i kwietniki w mieszkaniu i biurze

© luxuriantly

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