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Paints - trends 2022

31 of October '22

Paints - trends and technologies 2022

How to break the gray color scheme? The best way is through a fever of hues and colors. If you want the highest possible quality and an almost unimaginable number of possibilities, you should bet on paints. Painting technologies today make it possible to achieve effects that will satisfy the customer and last at the same time. We invite you to an overview of the most interesting technological solutions related to paints.

Material isn't everything, though still a lot

An important role in the use of paints, in addition to the material, is played by the substrate, constructive design and the environmental conditions in which the painted elements will be exposed. IGP-Effectives® is an innovative bonding of effect particles to the powder paint grain that ensures safety throughout the effect powder paint application process.

Technologia IGP-Effectives®

© IGP Pulvertechnik


Unique and patented technology for the safe and reliable production of powder coatings with the effect of

paints for special tasks

What can we use SPLinx specialty paints for? We will use them in both horizontal marking of lines, lettering and symbols on the road surface and vertical marking of signs and shields with lettering or symbols, tovisually highlight elements of scenery in nightclubs, tattoo parlors, escape rooms, advertising, murals, car races, sports events, events and many other places where people meet.

Farby specjalne

© SPLinx

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A set of special paints for the ordinary blacksmith

safety at work

In addition to durability and quality, safety is an important factor. Axalta offers a wide range of polyester products for architecture. These products are specially formulated for use on aluminum, steel and galvanized steel and contain no VOCs or hazardous air pollutants.



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Powder Coats for Architecture and Design

three classes of resistance

A good quality material must last for many years. In AKZO NOBEL 's database of cataloged coatings, there are more than ready-made 16,000 colors, matte, gloss, satin, texture, ultramatte, special effects, metallics, functional paints. It is possible to select a product from an existing base or create a finish from scratch in the Color Laboratories.

EXO C11, Docklands


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Interpon Powder Coatings - three classes of resistance and design guarantees of up to 30 years

facade concrete effect

What's the recipe for great paint? Unusual combinations. Today the classics are combined with modernity, and modernity expressed, among other things, in the body of the building, makes it possible to apply facade effects that until recently were considered too daring. Atlas offers unusual facade solutions, such as paint that perfectly imitates concrete.

BETON - faktura elewacji z myślą o industrialnych klimatach

BETON - a facade texture with industrial vibes in mind


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ATLAS Facade Art. Concrete, metal, color - beauty expressed in detail

More detailed information about each described solution, product and technology can be found on the dedicated pages of our portal at the links provided.


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