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Windows, doors, fittings, covers - trends 2023

10 of May '23

Windows, doors, fittings, covers — trends 2023

Windows and doors, fittings and covers not only close off homes and offices, taking care of our comfort and security, but also—open them up, allowing us to enjoy the rays of natural light, admire the view or simply ventilate the rooms. We invite you to an overview of innovations and trends in the field of window and door joinery and hardware and guards—you will find, among other things, proposals for modern roof windows, doors and door closers, colorful and fashionable joinery and huge glazing with modern installation systems.

an investment for a better life

If you are planning to install roof windows, it is worth taking a look at the new generation ofGREENVIEW windows from FAKRO combining the highest functional and aesthetic standards with high energy efficiency adapted to the changing climate, as well as safety solutions. Thanks to their durability, GREENVIEW roof windows are no longer just safety, innovation and comfort, but also an investment in a better life for future generations.

Nowa generacja okien dachowych GREENVIEW. Nowy standard na nowe czasy


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New generation of GREENVIEW roof windows. A new standard for new times

safe, quiet doors

In public and private buildings, for reasons of not only comfort and convenience, but above all safety, it is worth betting on door closers to close the doors. Door closers available from GEZE provide safety, fire and noise protection, as well as heat loss. GEZE's wide range of door closers includes door closers for all types of doors and interior character.

GEZE TS 4000


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Why use door closers?

elegance and minimalism

A project based entirely on PVC joinery is possible even with the most daring vision, regardless of architectural style. Large glazing, meeting the requirements of a passive building and stringent energy-saving standards, and even combining in one project with aluminum joinery—this and much more is possible thanks to the wide range of ELEGANT window and door profiles created by Belgian manufacturer Deceuninck.

ELEGANT - doskonała gama profili okiennych i drzwiowych z PVC

© Deceuninck

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ELEGANT—an excellent range of PVC window and door profiles created with the future in mind

dark window frames? why not!

Dark, "raw" windows are one of the latest trends in window joinery, which is also followed by the MS więcej niż OKNA brand. Its ALU LOOK windows combine the durability and highest quality of PVC with the austere and cool look of ironwork made of aluminum. The joinery is available in a wide range of colors, from matte black to glossy aluminum. The company also offers a modern sliding door system, SkyLine , which allows the creation of glass walls.

Trendy 2023

© MS more than OKNA

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Trends 2023 at MS more than OKNA

symbol of modernity

Large glazings have been a symbol of modern architecture for years. They guarantee interior illumination, optically enlarge rooms and allow you to admire the surrounding views. What's more, if you opt for glazing in the form of sliding doors (for example, the MB-SKYLINE TYPE R model from Aluprof), you can get the effect of a glass wall blurring the boundary. The system works with Skyflow facade blinds providing protection from excessive sunlight.

Taras z domem nad jeziorem. Konin, Polska. Zastosowane systemy: MB-86 ST, MB-SR50N. Projekt: arch. Hugon Kowalski

© Aluprof

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Windows with hidden frames are a symbol of modern architecture

more space

Large terraces and gardens connected to the interior of buildings are the dreams of many. Terrace systems proposed by VEKA allow comfortable and safe sliding of large and even very large glass panes, and their lift-and-slide system, e.g. VEKAMOTION 82 and VEKAMOTION 82 MAX, provides, among other things, comfortable threshold-free passage, excellent thermal insulation (Uw coefficient), watertightness and a large selection of profile colors.



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Terrace—comfortable and safe space

spectacular effect

Large glazing and minimalism are unquestionably some of the most important trends dominating contemporary architecture. Aluron, a leading supplier of aluminum systems in Poland, has created a comprehensive series of Aluron Glass Line products with a spectacular effect of a uniform glass surface. This includes windows, entrance and sliding doors covered with enameled glass, providing a mirror effect or tinted in any color from the RAL palette.

Aluron Glass Line

© Aluron

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Spectacular effect of a uniform glass sheet—the new Aluron Glass Line series!

doors—decoration and business card

Doors not only divide and connect space, but more and more often they have a decorative function and co-create arrangements. New proposals can be found in ERKADO's range of interior and exterior doors. Worth noting are the models: Peonia, Amarylis and Epimedium 6 and an offer full of decors and colors. Among the novelties are veneers—navy blue ST CPL, or ash ST CPL, enhanced with AntiFinger coating, limiting dirt.

Drzwi ozdobą modnego wnętrza i piękną wizytówką domu

© Erkado

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Doors decorate a fashionable interior and are a beautiful showcase for the home

swiss technology

If you are looking for reliable as well as unusual solutions, Swisstec's offer may be for you. The manufacturer is known for the highest quality windows, doors, sliding and curtain systems, which is the only exclusive distributor of the Swiss brand panoramah! in Poland. The large-format panoramah! windows allow you to create glass walls as high as two stories. Also worth noting are the jewel-like Axis and Vision pivot doors.

Duże przeszklenia i wyjątkowe drzwi wejściowe w nowoczesnym budownictwie

© Swisstec

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Large glazing and unique entrance doors in modern construction


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