Talks about architecture

Talks with architects about architecture and around architecture, what is important to them and what inspires them, what the design process looks like from their perspective and what is architecture to them? These and other questions are answered by architects in A&B Conversations.

let's talk about architecture

There is a lot to be said about architecture, and the content will change depending on who is talking and when they are talking. Designer, user or investor, creator, receiver or intermediary. The content will also change over time. Architecture is one of the most durable fields of applied arts, and the building itself through the time of its existence often goes through stages of admiration, disdain, only to be rediscovered again years later. That's why it's worth talking about buildings here and now, capturing this specific moment in the timeline.

contemporary buildings talk

Talks with architects on the timeline.zmawArchitecture&Business is a zone open to dialogue, to what is hidden. We talk to the creators about their ideas for the space, the unsaid, the things that didn't work out, the hardships in the design process and all the things that can't be seen in the final, hard standing on the foundations, still smelling of construction. The various realizations, whether of a successful renovation or construction from scratch, while expressing much on their own, deserve a commentary from the creators, revealing what eludes the frames of the photos, and what influenced the design decision that was made. We are curious about the living and intangible elements of architecture like user behavior, habits, habits, but also the whole economic and geopolitical context. Photos and plans cannot tell the whole story of buildings.

design cul-de-sacs

Wanting to get to the bottom of it, we talk to the creators, who reveal for us the behind-the-scenes of the design process. They talk about the directions they took, the beginnings of their business and what they learned along the way. These are also questions about the place of the designer, which is becoming less and less clearly defined throughout the building process. Architecture is becoming an increasingly interdisciplinary field and is escaping the usual divisions and patterns. This has a direct impact on the craft itself. The profession of architecture is evolving. It is now intersecting with biology, computer science, marketing. A&B Conversations is a place where designers also share insights and reflections on what it means to be an architect in the 21st century. This renewal of the language of architecture is discussed with Małgorzata Kuciewicz and Simon De Iacobis of Centrala studio by Małgorzata Tomczak.

10 questions to...

"10 Questions to..." is a series of short conversations with architects to whom we address the same pool of questions. In it, you will find answers to slightly more personal questions that will give you a better understanding of architects' profiles. If you want to know who your favorite architect would like to design something with, or find out what books or cities inspire him the most - look for the answers to these questions in our mini-interviews.