Churches and temples

Churches and temples

Architecture of churches and temples

Modern churches and temples, which stand out from other religious buildings, are the subject of this section of the portal.

what are churches and temples

They are places of religious worship used for the celebration of religious ceremonies, the practice of faith and the display of works of art that are objects of adoration by the faithful, including those of a moralistic and didactic nature, relating in theme to the content of the dicta of a particular faith - for example, in the case of Roman Catholic churches, stained glass windows and sculptures relating to the Bible.

architecture of churches and temples

The architecture of religious buildings, such as churches and temples, has evolved throughout history. Although the general scheme of construction is preserved and some elements of interior design have remained unchanged for centuries, a trend can be observed manifesting itself in the abandonment of splendor in favor of an ascetic and minimalist form, in accordance with the rule less is more. It is this rule that the authors of church designs in Zakric or Våler. The last recalled on the one hand refers to the canon (the custom of building on the plan of the cross), on the other - aspires to blend into the landscape, which is a sign of modern times. Thus, it combines tradition with modernity.