Extension in the framework of revitalization

Extension is any change related to the expansion of an existing building, its enlargement or the addition of new elements.

changing the function of a building a expansion

When the needs exceed the cubic capacity of the existing building, but it is so valuable that demolition is not an option, the decision is made to expand. This was the scenario followed by the transformation of the factory building Wedel in Warsaw. The existing building could have been demolished or rebuilt. The decision was made to preserve it, but also expand it. It will be woven into the new situation, adapted, its volume will be increased. The space will be adapted to new needs. Expansion thus combines the values of modernization and construction, merging into one what is old and what is new.

How to expand the usable space of a single-family home?

Frequently a change in owners or simply in the style or standard of living of the users of a property necessitates its remodeling. How to enlarge the usable space of a single-family home? Adaptation London terraced house for the needs of a modern family involved expanding the first floor with a large kitchen with a dining room and an open living room. At the expense of the garden, the investors gained a spacious living area adjacent to the patio. By preserving the cubic volume's dimensions and extending only into the garden, it was possible to obtain a larger space, preserving the atmosphere and scale of English terraced housing.

Revitalization and expansion of public and commercial spaces

In public spaces, the conscious use of finishing materials can make a big difference. Their skillful combination can emphasize and highlight the value of the existing fabric and clearly indicate what has been added. LINK Arkitektur studio - known for many projects in the port city of Oslo - in the project to revitalize the former port area decided to introduce elements of wood and granite into the waterfront space. An interesting element is the carefully designed layout of the floor, which separates different modes of transportation and pedestrian traffic. In another realization, this time in downtown Malmö, designers from Wingårdh studio used corten steel as a finish for the facade of the extended part of the fair hall. The new body harks back to the old industrial character of the area.