Funeral chapels

Funeral chapels

Architecture of funeral chapels

This section presents noteworthy realizations and designs of funeral chapels, which additionally blend well into the surrounding cemetery.

what are funeral chapels?

They are intimate shrines located within cemeteries, used for services that are part of the funeral rites, as well as crematories, which can also be secular and used for atheistic ceremonies of the last farewell.

architecture of funeral chapels

The form, style and volume of funeral chapels vary and depend on the religious denomination. For aesthetic reasons, it is good when the tombstones surrounding the chapels correspond with them architecturally. Statistically, among them dominate those conservative and historicizing or actually erected in the distant past, but there is also an increase in modern, unconventional objects, such as crematorium in Zorvglied cemetery in Amsterdam - stands out not only for its structure and material, but also for its versatility, as it was designed with mourners of different faiths in mind. What's more, its vertical structure symbolically alludes to the motif of the wandering of souls to a better, otherworldly place.