Libraries and media libraries

Libraries and media libraries

Libraries and media centers

Read about the architectural designs of libraries and mediatheques under construction today. Find out how modern architecture contributes to educational and cultural goals.


Libraries - in particular public libraries, including small and neighborhood ones - are some of the most inclusive spaces in the structure of a city. For this reason, among various cultural institutions, they are the fastest to respond to new social needs, and at the same time they also fulfill an integrative function within local communities. Increasingly, they are evolving into mediatki, incorporating audiobooks and multimedia, including digitized works and audiovisual aids, into their collections.


Mediatic libraries are libraries that, in addition to book collections and graphic materials, place at the disposal of their attendees audio and visual media and various forms of interactive interaction with the collected resources. In addition, they are equipped with modern IT equipment, often including game consoles, and also organize screenings and workshops. Thus, they break the stereotype of a soundless library, i.e. one in which there is an absolute order to keep quiet.

architecture of today's libraries and mediators

Newly emerging libraries and media centers are increasingly daring to break with conservatism and traditionalism, not infrequently providing examples of very successful revitalizations like the Dutch LocHal  or the Belgian Utopia.