Building in a revitalization

Breathing new life into a building is a rather peculiar challenge. A number of constraints stand in the way. However, the context of the site and history can serve as an interesting design guideline to creatively use and create added value to the vision from a problematic issue. The result is likely to be a place unique in its own right.

new life for buildings

Sometimes it happens that a project is created in place of an already existing building. The architect then faces the difficult task of valuing various elements. Determining priorities and what is important to the investor, what is good for the project and its functionality, and what flows from the existing context must be determined long before the construction stage. Demolishing the existing fabric and building from scratch is one solution. However, after an initial analysis of the situation, the decision to refer to what is found may prove to be the one most desirable.

locality and timelessness

Wanting to refer to the history of a place and emphasize the local aspect of the realization, a frequent procedure used by designers is to reclaim materials and use them in newly erected buildings. They represent, in the end, a unique opportunity to sustain the historical value of a place. The aging of materials shows the passing of time. Using them again in newly designed buildings is not only economical or ecological, but also adds a timeless dimension to architecture.

Traditional farmhouse redesigned

A creative reference to the historical fabric was presented by BXB Boguslaw Barnaś studio, in the Polish Homestead project. The architects faced the challenge of redesigning a former country farmhouse to suit the needs of the modern family. In keeping with their design philosophy of drawing from tradition, the studio attempted to reconcile the two worlds. In place of five existing outbuildings, five modern, minimalist blocks were proposed, referring to the shape of a barn. The newly created building, which retains the character and scale of the farm buildings, is a unique form - a bridge, combining a modern residence with the spirit and history of the place.