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New vision for redevelopment of Silesian Seym Square in Katowice

29 of March '24

The previous one was opposed by the Silesian conservationist, who, instead of a greenery-filled square, sees the site as a concrete representative square. The current project is therefore significantly different from the first greening proposal formulated by the City.

Although the Silesian Seym Square, located in the center of Katowice and surrounded by stately buildings, has representative functions - it is here that the monument to Wojciech Korfanty is located - it does not live up to its potential. Almost every day it is filled with cars, as it serves as a parking lot eagerly used by officials working at the Silesian Parliament building.

The city wants to change this, and has already presented a new vision for the square, without cars, in 2021. In the plans: rows of greenery, shrubs, lawns, two fountains, benches, deck chairs and a rainwater collection basin. A total of 40 trees would appear, and the monument section would remain unchanged.

The ambitious plans were stopped by the Silesian conservator

We are one of the greenest cities in Poland, and green areas account for nearly half of Katowice's area. This does not mean that there cannot be even more greenery in the urban space. That's why I proposed greening two very characteristic places in Katowice - the Silesian Seym Square and Korfantego Avenue in the inner city," Marcin Krupa, Katowice's mayor, said at the time.

He added that the City is keen to make sure that Sejmu Śląski Square ceases to be a huge parking lot and turns into a green oasis in the center of Katowice.

Poprzednia koncepcja zazielenienia placu

Previous concept for greening the square

© UM Katowice

Today there are more than 150 cars parked there, and after the changes there will be about 40 trees, lawns, as well as fountains and rainwater tanks, he explained.

Standing in the way of these plans, however, was the Silesian Regional Monument Conservator, who opts for the square to retain its representative character and opposes the creation of a green square.

Concrete and less greenery

The result is a new, truncated, project for greening the Silesian Seym Square, agreed upon between the Urban Greening Department and the Provincial Monument Conservator. Today the City's representatives speak rather laconically about the changes made.

Tak prezentuje się zmieniony projekt, po uzgodnieniach z konserwatorem

This is how the revised project looks, after the agreement with the conservator

© Meritum Projekt

The project differs significantly from the first proposal for greening the square, which was formulated by the City - it limits the original scope of de-concretization and the introduction of biologically active spaces, and there is no basin intended for small retention, says Malwina Kaczor of the Katowice Publishing Agency, which is responsible for the city's communication with the media.

She adds that analyses are currently underway on further possible steps related to the square's metamorphosis.

Ewa Karendys

The vote has already been cast