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Swedish promotion - NIBE heat pumps up to PLN 5,000 cheaper!

02 of April '24

On March 15, 2024, a new edition of the Swedish NIBE heat pump promotion was launched, organized by NIBE-BIAWAR, part of the Swedish NIBE AB company.

The promotion runs from March 15 to June 14, 2024, or until stockslast, and is intended for end users who register at and purchase a heat pump through an installation company or NIBE-BIAWAR distributor of their choice.

The products included in the promotion are 200 NIBE ground source heat pumps and 400 NIBE air source heat pumps.

The promotion consists of a reduction in the net list price of NIBE heat pumps for its duration:

  • by 5000 PLN - in the case of ground heat pumps of the NIBE F1126, NIBE F1226, NIBE F1145, NIBE F1145 PC, NIBE F1245, NIBE F1245 PC, NIBE S1156, NIBE S1156 PC, NIBE F1256, NIBE F1256 PC types

  • up to 5000 PLN - in the case of air heat pumps in the form of sets NIBE SPLIT COMPACT (AMS 10 with BA-SVM 10) and NIBE SPLIT COMFORT (AMS 10 with SHB 10)

The order of purchase is decisive for receiving a discount on the purchase of promotional products. Detailed information on the promotion and the current number of available heat pumps at the discounted price are posted at

Swedish concern NIBE AB, manufacturer of the NIBE brand of heat pumps, is one of Europe's market leaders in sustainable energy solutions. In operation since 1952, the company has been designing and manufacturing world-class energy-efficient NIBE heat pumps with the highest efficiency classes for 43 years. The devices are certified for quality: EHPA-Q of the European Heat Pump Association and HP Keymark, which guarantee the high quality and energy efficiency of NIBE heat pumps.

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