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This time it has to go. The city is preparing a passageway near the Gdansk Główny train station

09 of February '24

This planned crossing near Gdansk Główny station is crucial for pedestrian convenience in downtown Gdansk. Unfortunately, previous attempts have backfired. The city is making another approach and has announced - for the second time - a tender.

Announcements of the creation of a zebra crossing near Gdansk Główny train station have been heard since 2017. However, the road to the connection, which will shorten the passage to the other side of Podwale Grodzkie, is long and winding. And this despite the fact that from the perspective of those for whom using the stairs and tunnel is a torment, this investment is quite urgent. The dates for the start of work have already been postponed several times. However, the city is not laying down its arms and is putting out another tender for the work.

Green light from the conservator

Last year, a tender was also announced for the construction of such a passageway at Gdańsk Główny train station. Due to prolonged arrangements with, among others, the Pomeranian Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments, the tender was cancelled , says Aneta Niezgoda of the Directorate of City Development of Gdańsk.

In the course of obtaining the ZRID decision, without which work cannot begin, the conservator issued a negative opinion three times. The green light was not given to the City until January 31. A new tender was announced on February 5 this year.

But the pedestrian crossing is not only painted lanes, it is also a bicycle crossing within the interchange, the designation of kiss&ride parking spaces near the Central Station. An important investment is the lengthening of streetcar platforms and creating the possibility to enter the stops from the pedestrian crossing. The platforms get cramped during rush hour; the current design is too narrow.

Timing? Construction is expected to take nearly seven months from the signing of the contract. And another two must be added for acceptance. Now all that remains is to keep our fingers crossed that a contractor and sufficient funds in the City's budget will be found.

Changes are taking place in Gdansk, albeit slowly

In recent years, it has been the needs of drivers, not pedestrians, that have taken priority in Gdansk. This is slowly changing, above-ground crossings have been built on Podwale Przedmiejskie Street and near the Gdansk Medical University.

The eyes of many unbelievers were opened by the zebra near the representative Wyżyna Gate, which was completed in 2022. Although many drivers predicted that the investment would jam the heart of Gdansk, nothing of the sort happened. And pedestrians gained an extension of the Royal Route, comfort and direct access to streetcar platforms, as well as to the other side of the street without having to use stairs and a tunnel.

Ewa Karendys

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