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New station in Wrzeszcz. Is it sufficient for one of the key stations?

04 of December '23

Although the station in Wrzeszcz no longer frightens, from one of the most popular train stations in the country—one could expect a better design. And that's both in terms of its body and passenger comfort.

One of Tri-City's most important stations was for years a mediocre showcase of the district. Cramped, dark, with a deteriorating facade and extensions, creating architectural chaos. The railroaders tried to repair the station's image and in 2014 it underwent a visual facelift. But this was only a temporary solution. More work was done on the Wrzeszcz railway station in autumn 2021, at which time the old building was demolished and replaced by a new body. The reconstruction project was carried out by the TPF studio.

The facility was finally opened on November 30—almost a year late. The result? The layout of the waiting room has not changed much, it has gained a bit more space and bright colors (white and gray). In the lobby, in addition to five ticket offices, there were two service units, still empty today (three more are located on the side of the station square).

Kasy biletowe znajdują się w tym samym miejscu

The ticket offices are located in the same place

fot.: Piotr Wittman/Gdań

inside nicer, but...

And although the overall aesthetics of the interior, compared to what it was, have improved, the new design will not necessarily be associated with greater passenger convenience. Those who want to wait for a train in the modest waiting room have only... a dozen seats available (which will be troublesome especially in the summer season).

Railroad officials stress that the building has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. New sidewalks have been laid in the station's immediate vicinity, and several bicycle racks have been installed at the main entrance to the station's lobby. There are also showcases with timetables, and electronic boards of train arrivals and departures (although, unfortunately, these are still not working a few days after the opening). PKP also boasts that there are 28 photovoltaic panels on the roof of the facility.

Skromna poczekalnia

Modest waiting room

fot.: Piotr Wittman/Gdań

The place of scattered extensions has been taken by a monolithic, modern block with a somewhat industrial character. Glass and steel were used on the elvations. The modern body of the station is also emphasized by night illumination. In particular, the entrance areas have been illuminated, as well as the facade on the side of the platforms, along which climbing plants have been planted, is how the railroaders praise the project.

considerable unsatisfaction

Looking at the building from the outside, as critics rightly point out, this type of building could have stood practically anywhere. And not without reason appetites for successful changes were high—Gdańsk Wrzeszcz is one of the largest stations in Poland in terms of the number of passengers served. Last year it recorded nearly 11 million travelers which gave it ninth place in the national ranking. Long-distance, regional and SKM trains stop at the station.

Tak z zewnątrz prezentuje się bryła

This is how the building looks from the outside

fot.: Ewa Karendys

One can only lament the fact that railroaders—in the case of the most important station buildings—still so strongly shy away from organizing urban planning and architectural competitions. These provide opportunities to design functional spaces and attractive buildings that aptly fit into the local context.

The construction, which lasted almost two years, cost more than PLN 15 million.

Ewa Karendys

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