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Architecture Biennale in Krakow in the lens of Jakub Krzysztofik

04 of December '23

In mid-October, the International Architecture Biennale took place in Krakow! The event discussed the future of architecture and cities, sustainable development and the perspective of young architects. The course of the event was immortalized by Jakub Krzysztofik.

Recover, or reclaim, was the motto of this year's International Architecture Biennale in Krakow. During the two days, the ICE Congress Center was filled with architects and architects, specialists and specialists in cities, politics, landscape, nature, energy and society, to discuss together what it really means to reclaim the city for people.

Architecture&Businesswas a partner of the event, which is why we covered the event on the pages of the portal and magazine, including by publishing videos in the #VideoTalksOfCity series. Our view is one of many, so we encourage you to read the report prepared by one of the speakers of the International Architecture Biennale 2023, president of SARP Lodz Branch, Jakub Krzysztofik.

As part of the coverage, Jakub Krzysztofik talks with other speakers, as well as summarizes the most important theses and ideas that were delivered during this year's event.

For all those who didn't have a chance to read what was discussed during the Reuse - we invite you to read the December issue of Architecture&Business devoted entirely to the biennial. The issue is available for free download in PDF format at

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