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More apartment buildings at Sea Towers in Gdynia. Eight buildings will be built at the Fishing Pier.

05 of April '24

Gdynia's Maritime Downtown will expand with more apartment buildings. Eight residential buildings with services will be built on the extremely attractive land left by the former Dalmor fishing company. FS&P ARCUS of Warsaw is responsible for the project.

It would be hard to find a more attractive site than the Fishing Pier in Gdynia, surrounded on three sides by the waters of the Gdansk Bay. This artificial pier is located right next to the characteristic Sea Towers and is part of the so-called Maritime Downtown of Gdynia, which - according to the intention of the authorities - is to become a showpiece of the city. For years it served an industrial function - by the way, to this day there are traces of the Dalmor company, which was involved in deep-sea fishing and fish processing, and in its heyday had a fleet of 70 ships.

Luxury apartments on the grounds of the former Dalmor

Residential development entered the grounds of the Fishing Pier four years ago. At that time, Polski Holding Nieruchomości built six residential buildings with 135 apartments (design: Arch Deco) and a marina housing 120 units. But the area of the Fishing Pier that the investor wants to develop is still plenty, and PHN has just settled a competition for the next stage of the investment.

Five design studios received an invitation to the competition for an architectural and urban planning concept for a complex of residential and commercial buildings in the area of Molo Rybackie in Gdynia. Which studios are they? Such information PHN did not want to give us. Until the publication of the article, we also did not receive information on who sat on the competition jury. The winner was FS&P ARCUS from Warsaw. The composition of the team: Rafał Dominik Eymontt, Mariusz Ścisło, Arkadiusz Janowicz, Urszula Bereś, Paulina Nieróbca, Karolina Piaścik, Magdalena Jankowska and Paulina Jaczewska-Wocial.

Budynki mają nawiązywać do modernistycznej architektury Gdyni

The buildings are to refer to the modernist architecture of Gdynia

© courtesy of PHN

The Warsaw office's concept calls for the development of eight premium residential buildings (4-5 stories), with first floor services and underground garages. A total of about 130 apartments. The investor stresses that zones of public spaces with greenery and rest areas will be created between the buildings.

FS&P ARCUS ' work received first prize for:

"the presentation of a clear spatial and land use solution, guaranteeing spatial coherence, together with the justified distribution of the functions of the individual stages of the investment and the facilities, which present an attractive functional and spatial solution friendly to future residents and users," the jury said.

The competition court reasoned that the concept:

constitutes the author's continuation and refers with architectural and spatial solutions to the completed, from the west, residential and commercial development of the Yacht-Park 1 estate.

He appreciated the solution of the residential zone, providing urban interiors without traffic, equipped with playgrounds and rest areas for residents.

Budowa rozpocznie się w przyszłym roku

Construction will begin next year

© courtesy of PHN

The architecture of the buildings and their dimensions allow for the preservation of an attractive spatial layout, necessary for the proper functioning of the housing development, obtaining view openings and preserving the scale of this part of Gdynia, the jury added.

construction will begin next year

The apartments provide all residents with views of the sea or the bay, and are equipped with large outdoor terraces around the buildings. This constitutes, in the architecture of the blocks of the designed buildings, a reference to the modernist architecture of Gdynia and draws inspiration from the seaside surroundings of the estate," says Michal Górnicki, director responsible for the preparation of the investment at PHN.

Construction is expected to begin in 2025. However, this is not the end of investments in the area, as PHN intends to develop other plots of land at the Fishing Pier. It is not yet known whether apartments or office buildings will be built there as well. There are plans to adapt the buildings of the former fishing coolers.

Currently, the terms of the contract for the preparation of design documentation based on the winning competition work are being agreed. The agreement calls for the realization of the concept of the planned development and the entrustment of the full range of design services for the investment," explains Michal Górnicki.

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