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Design of shopping centers is guided by clearly defined rules, but it does not have to mean monotony at all. This section of the portal presents an overview of realizations from all over the world, which managed to avoid cliché.

first shopping centers

Before globalization contributed to the massive construction of spacious shopping malls, shopping was done in department stores. With time, however, their functions were expanded and the acquisition of goods was extended to include other forms of consumption, such as that in the strict sense, culinary - through the provision of space to eating establishments. In addition, they also began to enable visitors to participate in culture and entertainment - by locating in them cinema multiplexes, bowling alleys, game rooms (such as billiard clubs), and sometimes even libraries.

Rules of shopping center design

The design scheme of each shopping center is similar. Typically, these are multi-story buildings equipped with parking lots (a minimum of two stories), in which individual boutiques are spread along alleys and arcades imitating shopping streets in city centers, while spaces with other uses are located in separate food courts and entertainment zones.