Architecture of administrative facilities

Architects in the design of administrative buildings face the daunting task of combining functionality, aesthetics, a friendly atmosphere that encourages people to visit and handle official business, but also often, as in the case of court buildings, to emphasize the rank and function of the institution they house.

architecture and court

In Poland, many offices or courts are buildings several decades old, and dealing with official matters is often not a pleasure. However, thanks to modern administrative buildings being built all over the country, people increasingly feel at ease in them and their attitude towards such institutions is changing. Thanks to HRA Architects' The District Court in Siedlce has gained a monumental new edifice, divided into a public area as well as one restricted to court employees. The availability of ample sunlight contributes to the positive well-being of both employees and visitors to the minimalist building. The building received the SARP's Award of the Year, putting it on the map of architecturally significant buildings in our country. In 2009, another monumental building of the District Court in Katowice was constructed by architects from Archistudio Studniarek + Pilinkiewicz