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Another noteworthy revitalization in Lodz! An Urban Activity Factory is being built in the historic Wagner factory

08 of July '21

Łódź is not slowing down in its revitalization projects. This time, the local government is boasting of the progress in work on the former Wagner Factory building, where, among other things, the Urban Activity Factory is to operate, a project aimed at implementing pro-social activities and fostering local integration. It should be appreciated that within a year and a half it was possible to almost fully renovate and adapt to new functions the 19th century building, largely preserving its industrial character. What does the newly revitalized space in Lodz offer?

The historic building of the former Henryk Wagner factory, where the Urban Activity Factory is to operate, is located at 10 Julian Tuwima St. It was erected in 1881 on the site of a small cotton goods factory founded in 1853 by Henryk's father , Jan Wagner. At the time it was famous for making weaving machines and tools. The building boasts not only a racy industrial character, but also a colorful history. For example, its owners changed almost as often as its functions! After 1945, the factory was nationalized and no longer produced machines, only parts for them. Later it was arranged into a retail and service space. It is interesting to note that the original low chimney of the building, with a square cross-section rarely seen today, which was renovated in 2004, has been preserved to this day.

Lodz revitalizes another space

Since 2020, the Lodz local government has been carrying out revitalization work on the building: renovating and adapting it to a completely different industrial space than before. The historic factory is being transformed partly into an administrative and office space, and partly into a place for creative social initiatives, the Urban Activity Factory.

This is one of many revitalization projects implemented in recent years in Lodz. We recently wrote about the revitalization of the Old Market Square, the Old Town Park or the "Fusion" project (revitalization of the former Scheibler factory in Lodz, which is being carried out by Medusa Group).You can read moreabout the revitalization processes in Lodz in the June issue of A&B "Lodz - regeneration of an industrial city".

Renovation of the historic factory building in 2020
© ZIM Łódź

After a year and a half of work, the Board of Municipal Investments in Lodz, responsible for the project and its implementation, has announced that the former factory building has been successfully rebuilt according to plan - preserving its original industrial character; its brick, albeit refreshed, facade; as well as its strange 19th-century chimney. The building also gained a new floor with glazing, which gave it a lightness.

Renovation works in 2021

© ZIM Lodz

The interior will include two conference rooms, twelve office rooms, six administrative rooms, a utility room, a space for artistic activities, and a room for a mother and child. The space has also been fully adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

The building's surroundings will also be changed. A green and publicly accessible courtyard with trees and low vegetation is being refined around the historic factory. Bicycle racks, benches and trash garbage cans will complement the place for momentary rest , says Olga Kassyanska of the Municipal Investment Board.

Urban Activity Factory - a place for activities and meetings

The space dedicated to the activities of the Urban Activity Factory is located on the first floor. There will be a conference room and a space suitable for meetings and social activities.

The Urban Activity Factory is a place where social consultations, workshops, conferences, meetings with NGOs, the ombudsman for seniors or plenipotentiaries of the mayor of Lodz will be held. We will suggest how to implement a local initiative, bring closer the subject of the civic budget. We invite residents with ideas, ideas, social activists, representatives of neighborhood groups, " says Katarzyna Dyzio, director of the Office of Municipal Activity of the City of Lodz. She stresses that it will also be a place for education about the city and its heritage.

An important participant and addressee of our activities will be both seniors and youth, with whom we will meet at workshops on local government education and civic education. As part of an interdisciplinary urban social program, we will set the directions of Lodz's youth policy. The Urban Activity Factory, which is our Lodz laboratory for creating the city together, will be built on the basis of active participation of female and male residents. It is the female and male residents of Lodz who are absolutely key to the development of Lodz," he adds.

The factory is expected to become operational in the coming months.

Revitalization of the historic factory is expected to cost about PLN 13 million. The project is being implemented under the program "Revitalization of urban space at 3, 5 and Tuwima 10 Moniuszki St. (New Center of Lodz Program)," co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Regional Operational Program of the Lodz Voivodeship for 2014-2020.

Katarzyna Domagała

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