Architecture of clinics

No healthcare facilities, including clinics, need be monotonous and like from a matrix. Their premises can be interesting architectural objects. We present them in this place.

what are clinics?

These are health care facilities, public or private, in which broadly defined medicine is practiced. In a narrower sense, a clinic is defined as a specialized department separate from the structure of a medical school or hospital.

architecture of clinics

Clinics - like hospitals - combine functionality, concern for the comfort of patients and the requirement for hygiene and the highest medical standards. In view of the fact that they often serve therapeutic purposes - such as, for example, rehab clinics helping struggling addicts - they are often decorated in a way that resembles the interiors of residential homes, which positively affects the sense of safety and comfort of the wards. According to architect Junwoong Seog of By Seog Be Seog studio, the basis of design is empathy. He was guided by this principle when he created the clinic Aiechi in Yongin.