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What will the streetcar stop at the Polsad traffic circle in Krakow look like?

26 of November '21

We know what the underground streetcar stop at the Polsad traffic circle will look like. The facility is to be part of a new transport route linking Kraków's Mistrzejowice district with the intersection of Lema and Meissner streets in Prądnik Czerwony.

transport investment

The newest stop located underground at the Polsad traffic circle was designed by architects from Prota Polska, commissioned by a consortium of Gülermak companies. The entire premise for the construction of the new line is being developed on the basis of a public-private partnership. On the city's side, the Cracow Roads Authority is responsible for the project.The investment will include the construction of ten bus stops, a tunnel near the Polsad traffic circle, expansion of the streetcar loop at Jancarza Street and associated infrastructure.

visualization of level -2

© Prota Polska


The project proposed by the Prota Polska design office has received a positive opinion from the Chief Architect of the City of Krakow, Tomasz Bobrowski. What should the new underground streetcar stop look like?

The project calls for the construction of a two-level bus stop. On level minus one, pedestrian walkways would be placed, connected to level zero by four staircases. At level minus two, streetcar platforms would be located. Each exit pavilion would be covered. Escalators and elevators for bicycles or strollers would be placed alongside conventional stairs. The facility is to be adapted for mobility-impaired people.
The authors of the project sought to create a facility without the frequent monotony of long corridors. To avoid such an effect, the designers created a cladding layout composed of a variety of materials, which, despite repetition, tries to avoid the effect of monotonicity.

visualization of the pedestrian way

© Prota Polska

The materials of the object are to refer to those prevailing in the historic part of Krakow.

The starting point for considering the form of the design of the "Polsad Roundabout" stop was the materials dominant in Krakow's architecture: stone and brick. Walls made of these materials have a characteristic layout and rhythm, especially resulting from the details of the brick threads. The idea of the project is to translate this pattern into large-format geometric forms of interior cladding and use analogous colors," describes architect Malgorzata Marcinkowska, designer of the bus stop from Prota Polska.

visualization of the pavilion

© Prota Polska

In addition to the reference to the local architecture, it was important for the authors to introduce green elements - referring to the landscape of the Prądnik Czerwony district. In part of the entrance pavilions, massive brick walls overgrown with vegetation will be placed next to glazed steel structures. The species used in the creation of the wall are to be selected to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain throughout the year.

Visualization of the pavilion

© Prota Polska

The startdate for construction work on the new thoroughfare, including the stop at the Polsad traffic circle, is unknown.

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