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Magdalena Buczynska: My idée fixe is that competitions should be universally recognized as a value

13 of March '24

What is the role of the Krakow branch of SARP in the game for Krakow? How to publicize competitions, and what to do to make the branch's headquarters at Szczepanski Square vibrant much more often? We talk about this with Magdalena Buczyńska, who has been elected president of the SARP Krakow branch.

Wiktor Bochenek: You have been elected president of SARP o. Kraków. What are your plans for this term? What will be your priorities?

Magdalena Buczynska: I am starting my term in an exceptional time. Awareness and the need for change is growing, sensitivity to space is increasing. We talk a lot about the environment, ecology, human beings, neurodiversity, the impact of space and buildings on shaping the quality of life. We desire and seek opportunities to restore the city to its inhabitants.

In this context, it is impossible that the Association, as a representative of a professional group that should have an impact on how and whether the city works, does not demand empowerment. A position of expertise and opinion. I want to support the activities aimed at this through constant contact with urban institutions, education in the field of spatial design and sustainable development.

I aim to make the SARP Gallery at Szczepanski Square appear on the map of Krakow as a place to promote architecture, cultural activities related to urban space - debates, exhibitions, lectures. I also plan that with the support of partners, the premises will get a new standard adequate to its function.

Do you have a dream SARP competition that you would like to organize?

Magdalena: My idée fixe is that competitions should be universally recognized as a value, a tool for shaping the space of cities, but also of areas outside the highly urbanized area.

I would like to see the creation of a kind of catalog of investments for which competitions in the general consciousness will be obvious. The organization of competitions has been a statutory goal of SARP for more than 140 years. We have an enormous amount of experience in this regard.

A dream competition is one that is prepared, with a well-thought-out, recognized goal. At the same time, open to solutions that go beyond the original assumptions and, through discussion, recognized as the most valuable. A competition crowned with the realization of a complete object, an object that responds to the needs of the ordering party and brings value to the existing space.

How do you see the future of SARP in the game of the city, which was much discussed during last year's biennial?

Magdalena: It's a very broad, multi-faceted topic - about what needs intervention, correction, but also about opportunities and mutual benefits.

The presence of the Association of Architects and related Associations and Institutions (TUP, OIA, SKZ) of interacting professionals is indispensable in the discussion of the city. Not only in watershed moments, requiring greater attentiveness, but in a continuous, everyday mode.We are the ones who should set the directions of development, emphasize and protect values and point out problems that clearly degrade or block proper balanced development. The city is a living organism that requires empathy, knowledge of urban planning, sociology and management, constant discussion, openness to ever-changing needs.

We repeatedly emphasize our readiness to work for a proper spatial policy. SARP works to strengthen the role of the Architect of the City, the Urban Planning and Architectural Commissions, the creation of urban planning standards, as well as standards of cooperation with the City for investors and designers. SARP is also a place to discuss the future and the proper disposal of heritage.

What do you see as the future of young people who don't know if they want to become SARP members?

Magdalena: I believe that the aforementioned activities aimed at strengthening the role of the profession, the opinion-making role, and mutual education will cause the Young to see SARP as a causal institution, bringing together a group of people with common, defined goals. This is its strength, regardless of the age of its members. SARP is a place for anyone to whom architecture and space are dear. It is our forum. I look forward to working together and invite the young in age and spirit.

Wiktor: Thank you for the interview.

General Meeting of Members of SARP Krakow Branch on March 9, 2024 for the term 2024-2028

Branch President: Magdalena Buczyńska-Zapała

Branch Vice President for Internal Affairs: Marcin Włodarczyk
Branch Vice President for Creative Affairs: Marcin Brataniec
Branch Vice President for Cooperation with Partners: Zbigniew Sniezek
Branch Vice President forExternal Affairs: Marcin Buczek-Palczynski
Branch Treasurer: Piotr Urbanowicz
Branch Secretary: Dominika Długosz

Branch Board members: Dominik Darasz, Sylwia Gąsienica-Kleryk-Strynka, Maria Gratkowska-Kot, Jacek Kłak, Wojciech Miecznikowski.

interviewed Wiktor Bochenek

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