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Ceilings, wall coverings - ideas and inspirations 2023

31 of March '23

Ceilings, wall coverings – ideas and inspirations 2023

Properly finished ceilings and walls are a very important element crowning the design of any interior. Well-chosen solutions, in addition to technical aspects — acoustic comfort, soundproofing or meeting sanitary requirements — can create unique decorations and arrangements that affect the perception and character of the rooms. Looking for innovative finishing solutions for both private and public interiors, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the novelties offered in 2023.

unique wall decorations

Large reproductions on the walls or author's designs? No problem at all! Wallcolors Wallpapers Polish manufacturer of wallpapers and wall murals, can make your dreams come true. The company creates unique decorations with attention to detail that add character to interiors. Each wallpaper can be personalized, you can also choose its texture and structure. Importantly, theproduction stage is carried out on the highest quality printing machines using eco-friendly inks.

Tapety i dekoracje ścienne na indywidulane zamówienie od Wallcolors

© Wallcolors

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acoustic comfort

When designing an interior, whether private or public, in addition to the visual aspects, it is worth taking care of proper soundproofing, reverberation reduction and acoustic comfort. With comprehensive solutions comes Muraspec, which offers a wide range of materials and solutions tailored to the needs of users, the type of space and the place of application. Muraspec offers many solutions from its own production (Fovere) and from reputable manufacturers such as Autex, Woven Image and Zintra.

Akustyczne rozwiązania Muraspec

© Muraspec

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decorative stretch ceilings

Stretchceilings are an ideal solution in many facilities. Abrox offer includes a wide range of products diversified in terms of aesthetic and functional qualities, we can find printed ceilings in a variety of shapes, mirror ceilings optically enlarging the room, as well as stretch ceilings with LED lighting that allows you to change the color of light at any time. It is worth paying attention to glossy ce ilings — they are perfect for wedding halls, restaurants or hotels.

Sufity napinane od

© Abrox

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representative interiors

Interiors in public and common spaces of buildings and other public facilities are becoming more and more representative, but also personalized and adapted to the needs of users. When designing them, it is worth noting the offer of Hunter Douglas—wooden wall coverings and Solid Wood Grid ceilings with exceptional acoustic parameters and fire resistance. HeartFelt Linear, on the other hand, is a modular ceiling system made of felt, which can be easily attached to special support rails.

Solid Wood Grid PKO BP Chmielna, Warszawa

© Hunter Douglas

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multimaterial ceilings

Combining shapes, colors and materials on the ceiling is becoming increasingly popular. However, it's hard to decide on a specific solution, among the thousands available on the market. Making it easier is the proposal of Knauf Ceiling Solutions, which collects hundreds of ideas for acoustic and designer panels made of wood wool, mineral wool, metal or wood. An additional plus besides helping to create friendly acoustics are eco-friendly certifications such as Cradle to Cradle.

Multimateriałowość w sufitach - ekologia i oszczędność czasu

© Knauf Ceiling Solutions

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universal stretch membranes

Stretchmembranes made of PVC and textiles are increasingly replacing traditional wall and ceiling finishes. They are functional, easy to install and, importantly, facilitate the creation of unique spaces. The membranes available from DPS have a wide range of colors, shades and textures. Thanks to their lightness and flexibility, they make it possible to create surfaces of any shape, shade and in one of several selected structures: glossy, matte, satin or translucent.

Wembley Changing Rooms fot. Tom Bird © Grupa DPS

Photo: Tom Bird © DPS Group

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surprising design

Suspendedceilings are an endless possibility of space arrangement. If you care about design and acoustics, it is worth using Ecophon Solo™ free-hanging acoustic panels mounted horizontally. Ecophon also offers a line of vertical Ecophon Solo Baffle panels, which, in addition to the standard shape, also come in the form of waves or zigzags. And Ecophon Solo™ Text ile, covered with a textile coating, will add elegance to interiors.

Ecophon Solo w szkole podstawowej w Zamieniu © Ecophon

© Ecophon

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technology for hygiene

When choosing the right finish for operating theaters, treatment rooms, as well as any room with high hygienic requirements, SpeedWall will help. The panels available in its offer take the form of smooth, non-absorbent, easily washable sheets of pure, extruded, non-plasticized PVC. If soiled, the smooth surface of SpeedWall cladding requires only a wipe down with water and a standard cleaning agent.

SpeedWall - technologia dla higieny

© SpeedWall

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remarkable ceiling

The fashion for flat and smooth ceilings is passing, while innovative approaches are what counts. The Polish company MEXTRI, introducing acoustic felts, which are increasingly popular among designers, shows how to design a ceiling in a different way. Importantly, the feltsare lightweight, improve interior acoustics and can be ordered in literally any color. In addition, the manufacturer offers the MEXTRI MTP solution — a milled plasterboard, allowing to create several layers of milled, original ceilings.

Akustyczny filc, mineralne koła, pionowe panele - jak zaplanować niebanalny sufit


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