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Facade and wall materials – trends 2023. Part 2

17 of July '23

Facade and wall materials — trends 2023

The facade is the business card of the building, so it is important to choose the right materials with which it will be covered. Here both aesthetic and practical aspects count. Corten, perforated sheet metal, limestone and modern ETFE films will give buildings character, and innovative solutions, as well as appropriate insulation and installation systems, will affect durability and safety. So what elements to pay attention to when designing? What are the trends on the market of facade and wall materials? Welcome to the second part of the review of interesting proposals and innovative solutions!

Unique designs with ETFE film

In recent years, ETFE (tetrafluoroethylene ethylene) film has become increasingly popular as an innovative building material. One of its main applications is roofing for public squares, zoos and shopping malls. ETFE film produced by Vector Foiltec also allows the creation of unusual, lightweight, transparent facades, in the form of cushions, for example, or panels, which affect the unique character of architectural projects.

Centrum handlowe IGY w Czeskich Budziejowicach

© Vector Foiltec

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ETFE foil in Central Europe

comprehensive thermo-modernization

In the process of thermal modernization, components play an important role, including fastening techniques that will guarantee efficient and effective implementation of the renovation. Window joinery affects the energy balance of a building, so it is important to choose the right fixings. When installing windows, Klimas Wkręt-met fastening techniques will work well. In the company's offer you will find, among other things, screws, frame dowels, jamb connectors, adapted to different types of installation.

 WKPC izolacja ściany

© Klimas Wkręt-met

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Comprehensive thermo-modernization with Klimas Wkręt-met fastening techniques

quartz facades

Modern, ultra-compact Dekton quartz sinters produced by the Spanish company Cosentino are materials that make it possible to achieve spectacular finishes on facades and elevations. This material offers unlimited design possibilities, is durable and lightweight, adapts to the complexity of the building mass, and what's more, thanks to the state-of-the-art production technology developed by Cosentino, is available in a rich color palette!

The ultra-compact Dekton from Cosentino

© Cosentino

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Dekton ultra-compact surfaces—ideal material for modern facades and elevations

decoration for facades and roofs

The modern style of a building can be achieved with steel, which offers many interesting decorative possibilities for facades. Steel elements are particularly prominent on the walls of commercial and office buildings, as well as on houses, where they serve not only a decorative but also a protective function. How to attractively decorate exterior walls? For example, with trapezoidal sheet metal from Blachy Pruszyński. Particularly fashionable now are the seam sheet and facade corrugated profile.

Blacha na rąbek stojący na dachu domu i elewacji


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complete and effective insulation

Thermal and acoustic comfort, a healthy interior microclimate and lower heating bills—all of this can be influenced by the selection of appropriate building insulation. With more than 80 years of experience in the production of insulation, PAROC boasts proven stone wool solutions for insulating different types of exterior walls. The range includes general building boards, insulation for plastered facades, ventilated facades, and windbreaks, among others.

Wełna kamienna PAROC - pewne i skuteczne ocieplenie ścian zewnętrznych!

© Paroc

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PAROC stone wool—reliable and effective external wall insulation!

Pińczów limestone—a reliable material

Pińczów limestone is a stone known since the 11th century, and has been continuously quarried and used in architecture in Poland. It has gained recognition due to its combination of unique parameters and color. Marmur Płytki Company has been supplying this beige stone for more than 30 years, which is used as a popular exterior and interior facade material throughout Europe. Its features include lightness, porosity, ease of processing, patination, and versatile use.

Wapień pińczowski

© Marmur Płytki

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Pińczów limestone – a recognized and sought-after Polish material for any type of facade

modern facade with perforated metal sheets

The modern character of a building's facade can be highlighted thanks to perforated metal sheets and facade meshes, which can be simply and easily customized regardless of size, color, texture or arrangement methods. It is thanks to such solutions, offered by Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o., that we can easily match the appearance of our facade to our expectations.

Elewacja z blachy perforowanej

© Perforacja-blachy perforowane sp z o.o.

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Matching perforated sheets for all types of buildings

One paint system for everything

IGP Powder Coatings is the first company to launch a unique series of highly reactive powder coatings with IGP-DURA®one 56 quality certification, which make it possible to lower temperatures or reduce baking times. This product series enables process optimization, making it economically attractive and sustainable at the same time. The profitability of the coating company can be increased, and there is also the possibility of reducing the CO2 footprint.

Keep Cool Take One!

© IGP Powder Coatings

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IGP-DURA®one 56—one paint system for everything. Keep Cool Take One!

modern solar facades

One of the innovative solutions used in modern architecture is the installation of photovoltaic modules on the facades of ventilated buildings, but it is important to remember to install them properly. BIPV systems from AGS, available in two types: bonded and mechanically fastened, can help with this. Their construction is designed to ensure improved thermal insulation of the building and proper moisture removal.

Fotowoltaika zintegrowana z budynkiem dzięki systemom BIPV od firmy AGS


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Modern solar facades—photovoltaics integrated into the building

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