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Facade and wall materials – trends 2023. Part 1

06 of July '23

Facade and wall materials – trends 2023

Facades and walls are often the surfaces to which we most quickly turn our attention. After all, it is said that it is the facade that is the hallmark of a building, and the phrase „four walls” defines the framework of the space where we spend the most time. So what elements should we pay attention to when designing vertical partitions? What trends are on the market of facade and wall materials? Welcome to the first part of the review of interesting proposals and innovative solutions!

good first impression

Facades are the business cards of buildings. Ruukki metal facade cladding can help in creative visions of their creation  they are durable, easy to install, and recyclable. A wide range of products, sizes, colors, textures, finishing and installation options make it possible to realize the most original ideas!

Muzeum Starożytnego Hutnictwa, Nowa Słupia

Photo: Jarek Matla © Ruukki

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full support

Perforated sheets are a fashionable solution for modern facades. Do you want to realize your idea for original use of this material in your project? With RMIG's City Emotion concept, you'll receive support at every stage of your project from the idea, to visualization, to the production of finished elements that are easy to install!

Elewacja z blachy perforowanej na ścianie kina w Liverpoolu


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energy-efficient solutions

We are increasingly paying attention to the energy efficiency of the solutions used. Products that meet the requirements of energy-efficient and passive construction are available from Aluprof, such as the MB-SR50N HI+ mullion and transom façade system, which received the highest possible efficiency class A+ for products designed for passive buildings.

Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe Innowacyjnych Leków - Ryvu Therapeutics, Kraków


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building atmosphere

Walls and ceilings have an impact on building the aesthetics and atmosphere of an interior, so it is worth taking care of their interesting appearance and the functionality of the solutions used. The Hunter Douglas brand offers a choice of Solid Wood Grid wall cladding or the Solid Wood Linear and HeartFelt® Linear ceiling shading systems.

Solid Wood Linear, Fabryka Norblina, Warszawa


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express construction

150 m² of walls in one day? It's possible with Xella Polska Ytong Panel SWE, a large-size modular cellular concrete panel construction system for structural walls (exterior and interior). The system will also soon be available in the Ultra+ version for single-layer walls with a heat transfer coefficient of U = 0.2 W/(m²K).

Produkty marki Xella

© Xella Polska

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creative and functional

Flexible design? Control over the flow of air and light? Such possibilities are provided by the solutions proposed by Perfopol Starachowice  perforated sheets and expanded metal. Made of high-quality materials (which are fully recyclable), they are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and resistant to weather conditions.

Blachy perforowane i siatki cięto-ciągnione: rewolucyjne rozwiązania dla nowoczesnych elewacji i fasad


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refined details

The quality of built objects is often determined by details. Comprehensive finishing of the facade edges can be provided by properly selected finishing profiles (ETICS), and the proper connection of the structural plaster with the window frame by window trims (available in colors matching the standard colors of the windows), such as those available in the Bella Plast brand.

BP 10 S

© Bella Plast

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modern glazing

Facades can account for up to 20% of an investment's built-in carbon footprint, 12% of which is generated by the glazing itself! Seeking solutions to reduce this negative environmental impact, Saint-Gobain Glass has introduced the world's first facade glass with the lowest carbon footprint ORAÉ®. The Calumen® online configurator can help you select glass for your façade.


© Saint-Gobain Glass

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