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Roofs, roof accessories - trends 2023

04 of April '23

Roofs – ideas and inspirations 2023

Roofs are an integral part of the house — it is difficult to imagine a house without a roof. Its selection should be preceded by a search for the latest technological solutions.Looking for innovative roof solutions for both public and private buildings, it is worth looking at the novelties offered in 2023.

betting on the classics

Sometimes it is not worth reinventing the wheel — the best solutions are those that we have known for centuries. The plain tile, also called British or French tile, is a solution for everyone. French plain tiles from the TERREAL brand are offered in more than ten different models and in many color options — they will find a great fit in any.

butikowy pensjonat Flamingo, dach wykonany dachówką TERREAL Eminence

© Dachyrustykalne

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Ceramic roofing — stylish and timeless

timeless material

The popularity of ceramic tiles does not pass away, all due to their high quality, durability and resistance to changing weather conditions. Even classic solutions can be streamlined and improved — creating a unique material. A great example of this is a novelty on the market — ceramic tile VERONA by Röben. It is the highest quality durable roofing material.

Klasyczne dachówki ceramiczne

© Röben

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Classic clay tiles — always a good choice!

tiles the future of the industry

The roof structure and its covering are affected by many different factors, both external and internal. Therefore, very high technical and performance requirements are placed on these building envelopes. Solutions to meet the needs are based on European sandwich panels, which are produced by Europanels.

Produkty marki EuroPanels

© EuroPanels

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European panels — into the future with EuroPanels

a wealth of choice

Next to quality, choice should be the most important factor. Creaton offers more than 240 combinations of colors, surfaces and models of clay and cement tiles. It has successfully combined a wealth of experience and traditions of craftsmanship with a focus on modern solutions and innovative, eco-friendly technologies. The brand's products are made from the best raw materials, which translates into their impressive durability.

dachówka ceramiczna KODA FINESSE w kolorze łupka glazurowana


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Fashionable and functional roofing by CREATON

good from nature

Slate is a natural building material. Durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and care for. It meets all the requirements of modern architecture. Previously known and associated mainly with historic buildings, churches, it has been experiencing a renaissance for several years. If you are looking for solutions that will last for many years, and at the same time please the eye — it is worth looking at products.

Produkty marki Rathscheck Schiefer

© Rathscheck Schiefer

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Natural slate for roof and facade for traditional and modern architecture from Rathscheck

stability of the solution

Roofs are zones of great responsibility. To provide a durable and safe substrate while maintaining the thermal performance of the envelope, PAROC engineers have developed a new generation of stone wool slabs with unprecedented properties on the market: PAROC PREMO 90. These are solutions you can be satisfied with.

Produkty marki Paroc Premo

© Paroc Premo

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PAROC PREMO 90: a new dimension of stability and energy efficiency for flat roofs

betting on roof trusses

The truss is the basic element of the roof structure. A sufficient number of trusses together constitute the roof truss. This is a type of properly prepared prefabricated roof trusses. It is these solutions that allow you to save money, protect the roof properly from loads and enjoy an exceptional material — this is what Mistral offers.

konstrukcja więźby z prefabrykowanych wiązarów dachowych

© Mistral

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Roof truss technology: saving time and money

without frames on the roof

Few solar systems offer solutions for metal roofs that are consistent and architecturally attractive at the same time. With specially developed clamps, RHEINZINK 's frameless solar modules are attached directly to the standing seam, and are spaced to match the width of the profiled seam spacing.

Produkty marki Rheizink

© Rheizink

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Solar panels integrated into a standing seam roof

all in one

Building your own home is a dream come true for many. After choosing the right design, a vision of the perfect building appears in the investor's imagination. A building that will meet not only the aesthetic aspirations of the future owner, but which will survive in great shape for many years. It is for customers who are aware of their needs and high requirements — Budmat prepares and constantly improves its offer.

Blachodachówka modułowa Ferrara D-Matt Czarny

© Budmat

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A house where you will rest...

quality used

With the use of inverted roof technology, it is possible to ensure long-term, safe use of the roof and benefit from the inverted layer system. Such a roof must always be carefully planned to meet current and future requirements and regulations related to ensuring proper thermal insulation parameters. This is what Ravago offers.

Produkty marki Ravago

© Ravago

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Ravatherm XPS in inverted roofs — a safe, effective solution


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