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Eco-friendly solutions and technologies - trends 2023

31 of May '23

Eco-friendly solutions and technologies — trends 2023

Eco-friendly solutions and technologies are the future of construction, but their application requires specialized knowledge and the ability to choose between many solutions. Below are the latest trends that will help make this choice easier. Learn about green steel, concrete, recycled thermal insulation, photovoltaic panel roofs, energy-efficient lighting, the latest fan coils and carports.

Heating and cooling in one

Very important in the choice of technology for the home is energy efficiency and its sustainability impact. It is worth choosing a heating solution that works with renewable energy sources, reduces emissions and operates at lower temperatures. A proposal that meets these requirements are Purmo brand fan coils, which can both heat and cool, and thus allow you to enjoy a comfortable indoor climate 365 days a year.

klimakonwektor nowej generacji Vido S2

© Purmo

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roof with photovoltaic panels

The popularity of photovoltaic installations in Poland is growing more and more. Solutions whose installation does not interfere with the roof structure are a convenient proposition. One of them are photovoltaic panels integrated into the roof Lindab SolarRoofTM.This product is a finished roof with thin-film photovoltaic panels from Verditek, which together form a single, aesthetic plane. The panels provide high performance in even less optimal lighting conditions.

Panele fotowoltaiczne zintegrowane z dachem Lindab SolarRoof TM, black gloss

© Lindab

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invisible air conditioners

The Monoklima brand specializes in the promotion and distribution of specific air conditioners without an outdoor unit. Available products allow both cooling and reheating of rooms in buildings where it is impossible or difficult to install a standard solution with an outdoor unit—for example, in historic buildings. The brand's offer includes: monoblocks INNOVA „2.0”, Inn H2O monoclimate, indoor chiller IN.CH.

Produkty marki EKO-INSTAL


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solutions for photovoltaic systems

Solar energy plays a key role in today's sustainable development, and the use of the right components is crucial for its efficient extraction and storage. One of the leading companies specializing in the production of modern inverters, batteries and All-In-One systems for photovoltaic applications is SolaX Power. SolaX Power also supplies lithium-ion batteries for storing renewable energy for later use.

SolaX Power jest wiodącym producentem inwerterów i magazynów energii na świecie

© SolaX Power

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stylish, energy-efficient lighting

Stylish yet energy-efficient lighting with high efficiency is no longer a problem thanks to KLUŚ SERPENT lighting systems. The system, manufactured from low-emission aluminum, was created for use in buildings and interiors created with energy consciousness. SERPENT luminaire system makes it possible to build unique shapes and LED lighting compositions, taking the form of arches, loops and half-circles that will adorn any interior.

System oświetleniowy SERPENT zapewni projektantom „genotyp projektu”


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SERPENT lighting system. Stylish, yet energy-efficient lighting with high efficiency

ecological noble concrete

Innovative solutions that contribute to reducing the negative effects of climate change are very important. This is the approach of the Polish brand DASAG, which creates modern solutions from noble concrete. DASAG brand noble concrete, which has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), is used in the design of small urban architecture and the creation of green oases or parks. Aria slabs, which reduce air pollution, are worth noting.

Stary Browar - Poznań (galeria handlowa)


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recycled thermal insulation

If you are thinking of insulating your roof, it is worth looking at the offer of BAUDER—a manufacturer of roof insulation made from biomass and recycled materials. BauderECO are lightweight and handy thermal insulation elements with a tongue-and-groove connection around the boards are compression-resistant and can be walked on. Importantly, BauderECO is 100% eco-friendly—it consists of biomass from plant stalks, leaves and corn, shell lime and recycled raw materials.

Termoizolacja dachowa z biomasy i materiałów pochodzących z recyklingu BauderECO


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BauderECO — thermal insulation materials

less carbon footprint

Less CO2 carbon footprint by half: the well-known titanium-zinc RHEINZINK-prePATINA now becomes prePATINA ECO ZINC—the world's most sustainable building zinc. RHEINZINK offers roofs and roofing, facade systems, perforated facades, gutters and drainage, and architectural accents made of zinc-titanium sheet with a natural patina. The certified raw material comes from Scandinavia and is produced using 100% renewable energy sources.

Zrównoważone rozwiązania dachów i pokryć dachowych. Współczesna architektura


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organically coated steel

Introducing GreenCoat®—the brand behind innovative, eco-friendly, organic-coated steel solutions—for roofs, facades and gutter systems. It provides architects and contractors with new opportunities to create creative and innovative buildings using the most environmentally friendly organic-coated steels available on the market. GreenCoat® contains a bio coating that uses a significant amount of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of the traditional petroleum-based ingredients!

Dom w górach, proj.: Kropka Studio, Polska


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GreenCoat® by SSAB. Innovative roofs and facades start with Swedish rapeseed oil

green revolution

From 2028, all new buildings are to be zero-emission. This effect cannot be achieved without photovoltaic installations, which are a source of electricity. The ideal answer to the demand for zero-emission, green building is BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) technology, the production of which is handled by ML System. The company's product range includes photovoltaic: glass facades and façade panels, blinds, skylights, roof tiles, glazing, carports, among others.

Zielona rewolucja w unijnym budownictwie

© ML System

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modern carport

Tarasola designers have created a modern carport. Tarasola Carport is a fixed canopy that gives the possibility to install photovoltaic panels and use the resulting electricity, to power household appliances or to charge an electric car. Its minimalist form of construction, with no visible fasteners, is available in a variety of colors and looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. It is available in two modules, for one and two cars, and can be enhanced with LED lighting, for example.

Tarasola Carport

© Tarasola

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Tarasola Carport — modern carport with photovoltaic panels


self-regulating heating

Self-regulating heating, unlike the commonly used fixed-resistance ducting, automatically adjusts the heating power along the length of the duct to the ambient temperature, responding to external heat sources. Such a state-of-the-art, cost-effective solution is available from nVent | Raychem, which has developed the nVent RAYCHEM T2Red self-regulating intelligent system, which detects areas obscured by furniture and carpets, for example, and reduces heating, preventing overheating and damage to furniture.

Self-regulating heating

© nVent | Raychem

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