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Modern office buildings - trends 2022

28 of November '22

Modern Office Buildings - trends 2022

What characterizes a good office building? First of all, diligence, adaptation to the needs of its users and classic design. If you are looking for design tips, we invite you to review the current, latest trends related to office buildings.

first of all, safety

In emergency situations in buildings - for example, due to fire or bomb alarms - main emergency exits should be based on the best solutions. GEZE offers electric door openers, magnetic door jumpers, automatic sliding doors and door closers that will allow maximum safety in emergency and disaster situations.

samozamykacz GEZE TS 5000 SoftClose


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providing privacy

There are no things more important these days than privacy. This applies to both private spaces and office buildings. If you want to ensure a measure of privacy during meetings and conferences, variable-transparency glass manufactured by Saint-Gobain may be the perfect solution.

Szkło o zmiennej przezierności PRIVA-LITE®, Lindhorst Office, Zagórów

© Saint-Gobain Glass

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facade a modern business card

An important part of a company's presentation today is not only its offerings, but also the building in which its headquarters is located. This applies as much to the facade as to the interior. Hunter Douglas Architectural offers facade, ceiling and curtain walling systems that deliver quality and aesthetics.

Steinway Tower, New York, NBK Ceramic

© NBK Ceramic

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modern solutions

Modern solutions in construction are most often associated with commercial buildings - office buildings. However, contrary to appearances, they are also used in other buildings. Materials produced by Aluprof are perfectly suited not only to office buildings, but also hotels or public edifices.

Mennica Legacy Tower

© Aluprof

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lighting is the basis

We appreciate good light above all in the winter. The trend, which is dictated by both the energy and climate crisis, is to strive for the best possible energy efficiency for lighting. Products from Trilux help reduce electricity consumption.


© Trilux

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Mondrian-inspired office

The style of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian is familiar to everyone. The characteristic symmetrical lines can fit perfectly into the design of virtually any interior. The real masterpiece, however, is the combination of art and functionality, which is what Ecophon offers.

Kinnarps Wrocław

© Ecophon

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matching sheet metal

The modern character of a building's facade can be emphasized thanks to perforated sheets and facade grids, which can be simply and easily customized regardless of size, colors, textures or ways of arrangement. It is thanks to such solutions, offered by Perforacja, that we can easily match the appearance of our facade to our expectations.

Blachy perforowane

© Perforation

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matching material

Modern office buildings today are more than just a place to work. We want it to be a space that is friendly and conducive to daily functioning, but also visually distinctive. It is important for the place to be a kind of business card for the company, to be memorable and stand out from the competition. Such material solutions are offered by Barwa System.

wnętrze biurowca DL Center Point w Katowicach

© Barwa System

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safety on the roof

Damage caused by soggy roof insulation as a result of leaks is one of the most serious problems associated with the operation of buildings with flat roofs. It turns out that the problem affects not only older buildings, but also new ones. Vilpe offers systems to prevent moisture problems in the flat roof space.

© Vilpe

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