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Hunter Douglas Architectural facade, ceiling and curtain walling systems

07 of November '22

Hunter Douglas Architectural Solutions. From the series "Modern office buildings - trends 2022".

Modern office buildings are extremely demanding buildings. Both location, space and standard of finish matter. Functionality, aesthetics and sustainable solutions are other factors that determine the attractiveness of an office building. Security and the office building's management system are no less important. Flexibility and originality of solutions are also important when designing such buildings. Hunter Douglas Architectural solutions - from facades to ceilings to solar control systems - meet all these needs.


Modern surface finishes, beading, fluting, sandblasting or grinding, glazing, special sintered or engobe coatings, a variety of cross-sections and dimensions and colors are just a few examples of our highly diverse range of Hunter Douglas Architectural ceramic facades. The wealth of shapes and visual effects resulting from experience, expertise and modern production methods mean that the option of using a natural, organic raw material, with its exceptional durability and longevity, has freed itself from almost all limitations. Another solution is aluminum facades, which create a streamlined, elegant and dynamic finish to a building's facade. Open systems typically made of linear panels that allow light and air to pass through.

AOK Baden-Württemberg - KundenCenter Schorndorf, Niemcy

AOK Baden-Württemberg - KundenCenter Schorndorf, Germany, ceramic facade, TERRART® Large Glazed

© NBK Ceramic


Hunter Douglas Architectural's range of ceiling systems offers endless possibilities. One of the most popular systems is HeartFelt® textile ceilings - a product with a unique look and exceptional acoustic properties, 100% recyclable. The abundance of colors, modules and dimensions of felt panels allows you to create customized ceiling designs, providing unique visual effects. HeartFelt® Linear is an innovative and patented product with excellent acoustic properties. HeartFelt® Linear ceiling panels are available as round and rectangular panels that can be easily attached to specially designed support rails. HeartFelt® Origami, on the other hand, is a new felt ceiling system modeled after the Japanese origami paper-folding technique. The sound attenuation value of this ceiling is approximately αW 0.8. It also reduces the effect of sound resonance and reduces the volume of voices in office spaces. HeartFelt® Baffles, on the other hand, is an ideal solution for reducing noise and reverberation.

Muzeum Piłsudskiego w Sulejówku, sufit HeartFelt Linear

Pilsudski Museum in Sulejówek, HeartFelt Linear ceiling.

© Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Architectural also offersmetal ce ilings made of aluminum or steel, available in slatted, baffle, wide-leaf, louvered, bent, expandedmetal and coffered configurations.

Of particular note are Hunter Douglas Architectural's Solid Wood Grid and Linear Solid Wood ceilings, which guarantee natural warmth and acoustic comfort. An unparalleled range of finishes and natural shades allows you to create a breathtaking effect. Contributing to this is the use of different wood species and their natural properties and appearance.

Fabryka Norblina, sufity drewniane listwowe

Norblin factory, slatted wood ceilings, Solid Wood Linear

© Hunter Douglas

PKO BP ul. Chmielna, sufity i zabudowy ścienne drewniane typu grid

PKO BP ul. Chmielna, wooden ceilings and wall build-outs, Solid Wood Grid

© Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Architectural's newest product is Concrete Veneer ceiling and wall panels. This innovative line allows you to enjoy the practicality of concrete, giving interiors a distinct industrial feel, and acoustic comfort at the same time. The core is MDF, while the top layer of the panel is made of at least 85% cement, making it indistinguishable from "real" concrete, and much lighter.


A modern office also includes a lot of large windows, which require appropriate covers to protect them from excessive sun exposure and harmful radiation. Hunter Douglas is a world leader in the production of all kinds of sunshades. They can be mounted from the outside and from the inside.

Hunter Douglas offers a very wide range of types of exterior aluminum blinds. Laths in widths from 50 to 100 mm, guidance in the form of steel cables or aluminum guides in various shapes and colors allow designers to achieve the intended individualization of the design while maintaining the full technical functionality of movable external blinds.

On the other hand, external fabric blinds such as ProScreen, ProScreen ZIP, Beaufort allow the dimensional optimization of the cassettes and guides depending on the expected size of a single shutter and the amount of space physically available to the designer to hide the blind in the facade. The use of the highest quality screen fabrics woven from glass fibers ensures a very long service life while fully maintaining technical and aesthetic properties.

Complicated building masses are increasingly forcing the use of oversized external window shades. A single roller shutter unfolding through two floors, working horizontally or in the shape of a trapezoid is already becoming a standard solution.

In the case of tall buildings, where the wind load is too high, the only option is to use interior products, which in terms of glare protection offer even more possibilities and greater precision in achieving the desired effect.

osłona przeciwsłoneczna

View Towers Warsaw, EOS 500 interior roller shutters with screen Panama Pro fabric

© Hunter Douglas


The technical solutions of the EOS 500 fabric roller shutter systems from Hunter Douglas make it possible to select the optimal overall dimensions of the mechanisms to ensure full comfort and ease of operation by each user. A wide range of fabrics in various degrees of opening and in many colors allows you to very precisely adjust the most desired amount of natural daylight to penetrate into the designed interior. Using the option of aluminum guides in combination with black-out fabrics allows you to achieve full room darkening.

You can also bet on aluminum blinds. The ability to adjust the angle of the slats and individually change the amount of light entering the interior at any given time makes this product versatile.

Indoor large-scale tension roller blinds are completely customized special solutions tailored to the requirements of specific projects.


All facade, ceiling or curtain systems offered by Hunter Douglas Architectural are characterized by high quality, functionality, ease of installation and maintenance, and maintain high standards of fire resistance and recyclability.

For more information, visit the company's Hunter Douglas Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the PdA portal.

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